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Generating New Ideas: Your 10-Minute Guide to Thinking Differently

This free and downloadable 10-Minute Guide looks at how managers can help their people to spark their creativity and…


February 24, 2017

The Fact and Fancy of Mobile Learning

Over the last five years or so, mobile learning (m-learning) has developed to the point where it now has…


October 16, 2015

The Key Points About Learning Management Systems: Your L&D Guide to Selecting an LMS

What are the advantages of using a learning management system? And how can you choose one that meets your…


October 17, 2014

Rolling out Enterprise-Wide Learning: Your Guide to Launching New Programs

Making a new learning intervention available to employees is an exciting time for any L&D department. But how can…


September 5, 2014

Marketing Blended Learning Successfully: Your Guide to Using the “Illegal” Approach

In today’s information age, there’s no shortage of learning material for learners to access and use. However, it can…


August 15, 2014

ROI in L&D: Your Guide to Measuring the Value of Your Programs

Return on investment (ROI) is a key mantra in today’s business world. Getting it – and measuring it –…


July 25, 2014

Making Learning Fun

Over the past year or so, gamification has been a term that has readily sprung to the lips of…


July 4, 2014

Developing Managers in New Markets: Your L&D Guide to Training Managers in New Regions

For an organization to thrive in a new market, it needs to develop local managers who are committed to…


May 16, 2014

Going Global: Your L&D Guide to Supporting a Multinational, Multicultural Management Team

As a result of the intense globalization of the past 20 years, many previously local companies now operate across…


April 10, 2014