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E-Leadership: New Skills in a New Age

Some people bemoan the loss of “traditional” crafts and skills, along with “time-honored” working practices, in this post-industrial, technological age….


October 28, 2016


Engagement: Giving Employees a Voice

Along with performance support and continuing professional development (CPD), employee engagement is one of the key learning challenges facing today’s…


October 14, 2016

Learning Culture: A Modern Approach

Learning Culture: A Modern Approach

Competitive advantage was, until recently, measured in terms of economies of scale, market share, brand recognition, and so on….


October 12, 2016

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Self-Awareness: the Key to Productivity

This article, which I wrote with Roger Mayo, director at MT&D Learning Solutions, continues to explore the importance of self – including self-awareness,…


September 23, 2016


Taking Your First Steps Into Management

Everyone likes to think that their career is progressing – however slowly. But, when the chance comes for you…


July 8, 2016


8 Steps to Creating Champions for Learning

The concept of identifying and then appointing appropriate “champions” to ensure initiatives’ success is neither new nor specific to…


April 1, 2016


Developing Leadership Skills – A Challenge for L&D

As any experienced L&D professional knows, leaders ultimately – among other things – set the tone for the L&D…


February 26, 2016


Examining Effective Leadership Development

Apparently, while 90 percent of L&D professionals are looking to improve business impact, get the right people in place,…


November 27, 2015


Leading Change in Uncertain Times

Change brings uncertainty and uncertainty brings change. Economic conditions have brought high degrees of uncertainty to our working lives,…


May 15, 2015