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Learning Culture: A Modern Approach

Learning Culture: A Modern Approach

Competitive advantage was, until recently, measured in terms of economies of scale, market share, brand recognition, and so on….


October 12, 2016


Content Curation and Gamification

Few people can resist “top ten” lists – especially when those lists deal with their “specialist subject.” In the…


July 15, 2016


10 Tips for Enhancing the Learner Journey

Arguably, L&D professionals have never had it so good. Thanks to today’s technology, more people than ever before can…


May 13, 2016


7 Ways to Improve Viral Learning

The ongoing technological revolution began in the 19th century with inventions such as the telegraph and the telephone, which…


April 8, 2016


Applying Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle to L&D

According to an old joke – really only understood by particle physicists – a policemen stops a particle for…


March 25, 2016


Push Versus Pull Learning

Anyone who’s been to school – or even watched television – has experienced having learning “pushed” to them. The…


December 4, 2015

The Fact and Fancy of Mobile Learning

Over the last five years or so, mobile learning (m-learning) has developed to the point where it now has…


October 16, 2015