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Cross-Cultural Communication Calamities and How to Avoid Them

“Give me a beer!” “Call me at this time!” I was shocked. I would have at least used a…


November 13, 2019

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10 Things Managers Should Never Say… and What to Say Instead

Do you think before you speak? See our roundup of the top ten things managers should never say to their team members!


October 16, 2019

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Distracted Learners: How to Gain and Keep Trainees’ Attention

According to a Harvard University study, the average person is distracted 47 percent of the time. This means that…


August 7, 2019

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How to Create a Dynamic Workplace With Introverted People

For most organizations, creating a dynamic workplace is essential in boosting collaboration and communication. But, how can you achieve…


August 10, 2018

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The Top 10 Management Skills That YOU Need to Know!

There are so many different skills to learn to manage people well, that it’s no wonder it can be…


July 20, 2018


8 Steps to Creating Champions for Learning

The concept of identifying and then appointing appropriate “champions” to ensure initiatives’ success is neither new nor specific to…


April 1, 2016


Stakeholder Management: Your 10-Minute Guide to Winning Support

How well do you know your stakeholders – and which of them will be supporters or blockers? To run a…


July 24, 2015