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xAPI and the LRS: New L&D Technology

L&D may be about “people” but, in this technological age, “people people” – such as L&D professionals – also need to…


November 18, 2016


Outsourcing L&D: 10 Key Things to Remember

The concept of “Lean” – doing more with less – has pervaded organizational thinking for years. Applying it has led organizations…


November 11, 2016

GettyImages/Izabela Habur

Conversation’s Role in Change Management

Conversation – which many people consider, among other things, to be a prerequisite for communal life and one of…


November 4, 2016


E-Leadership: New Skills in a New Age

Some people bemoan the loss of “traditional” crafts and skills, along with “time-honored” working practices, in this post-industrial, technological age….


October 28, 2016

GettyImages/Sam Edwards

10 Tips for Engaging People With E-learning

Sooner or later, everyone – be they a parent, teacher, L&D specialist, or just someone who wants to impart…


October 21, 2016


Engagement: Giving Employees a Voice

Along with performance support and continuing professional development (CPD), employee engagement is one of the key learning challenges facing today’s…


October 14, 2016

Learning Culture: A Modern Approach

Learning Culture: A Modern Approach

Competitive advantage was, until recently, measured in terms of economies of scale, market share, brand recognition, and so on….


October 12, 2016

time-poor learning

Engaging Time-Poor Learners

A key fact of modern life is that – despite the labor-saving benefits of technology and increasing focus on…


October 12, 2016

GettyImages/Chris Ryan

Directing Professional Ambition

Seen from the outside, there’s a popular impression that one of the characteristics of the L&D world – and…


October 7, 2016