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10 Good Reasons to Keep Learning!

It may seem hard to believe, but there are some unenlightened people in business who cast a skeptical eye…


March 20, 2019

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Confident or Arrogant? How to Tell the Difference and Why It Matters

A few years ago, I interviewed a young woman for a position in our company. During the interview, I…


March 11, 2019

L&D Practitioner Survey

Our L&D Practitioner Survey Results: What Are the Biggest L&D Challenges?

In October 2018 we surveyed over 400 learning and development (L&D) practitioners. We wanted to find out what organizations think…


March 6, 2019


Mind Tools at Learning Technologies 2019

Mind Tools was proud to be a major presence at February’s Learning Technologies 2019, Europe’s leading showcase of organizational learning,…


March 1, 2019

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Our Learner Survey Results: Discover What Your People Need

Are you worried that you’re not delivering the right kind of learning for your employees? In October 2018, we…


February 20, 2019

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Recommended Listening: 10 Expert Interview Podcasts to Inspire and Inform!

Did you know… ? Mind Tools has a huge selection of thought-provoking Expert Interviews with authors and leaders whose work…


February 15, 2019

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3 Things I Learned From Coaching

Most people choose to go into professional coaching because of the unique opportunity it provides to help people to…


February 1, 2019

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Motivating Your Employees After the Holidays

After the holidays, how can you help your employees to start the year with a bang? From mid November…


January 18, 2019

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Favoritism: the Hidden Cause of Underperformance

Chances are, you recognize many of the symptoms of underperformance in an individual or team. But how confident are…


January 4, 2019