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Mind Tools L&D Blog

The Value of Technology to Virtual Leaders

It’s obvious that the world of work is changing – especially for workers in knowledge-related, technology-assisted jobs. The difficulty…


November 7, 2014

Learning the Millennial Way

A great deal – no, a very great deal – has been written about how millennials learn. Sometimes called…


October 31, 2014

Implementing and Instilling a Culture of Learning

What do you do when, as a learning and development professional, you need to embed a learning culture in…


October 24, 2014

The Key Points About Learning Management Systems: Your L&D Guide to Selecting an LMS

What are the advantages of using a learning management system? And how can you choose one that meets your…


October 17, 2014

Complete Training Evaluation, With Richard Griffin [L&D Insights Podcast]

Richard Griffin is a training-evaluation expert and author of the book “Complete Training Evaluation: The Comprehensive Guide to Measuring…


October 10, 2014

An Introduction to Tin Can

If you’ve heard about the Tin Can API, you’re probably involved with online learning technologies. If not, you should…


October 3, 2014

Getting the Most Out of L&D Conferences

The prospect of attending a conference can evoke mixed feelings. You may like – or loathe – the venue….


September 26, 2014

Determining, Developing and Delivering Effective Cultural Competence

Cultural diversity is almost as ancient as the human race. Despite the best endeavors of despots, dictators and other…


September 19, 2014

The Seven Dimensions of Culture: Your 10-Minute Guide to Understanding Cultural Differences

This guide looks at how managers can use Fons Trompenaars and Charles Hampden-Turner’s Seven Dimensions of Culture to work more…


September 18, 2014