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Principles of Instructional Design

Instructional design (ID) is based on three psychological principles of learning: behavioral, cognitive and constructivist. Behavioral psychology advocates repetition…


June 12, 2015


Introduction to Instructional Design

Among the L&D professional’s basic skills is an ability to design learning materials, but doing so for remote delivery…


June 5, 2015


A European Perspective on Learning Technologies

The combined annual value of the e-learning market in the 20 largest European states was just over £2.5bn in…


May 29, 2015


The Change Curve: Your 10-Minute Guide to Understanding and Managing the Four Stages of Change

Change can be exciting, but it can also be daunting and upsetting. This free and downloadable 10-Minute Guide looks…


May 22, 2015


Leading Change in Uncertain Times

Change brings uncertainty and uncertainty brings change. Economic conditions have brought high degrees of uncertainty to our working lives,…


May 15, 2015


Agents of Change and Merging Cultures

Are change agents really the superheroes of organizational change, and how do they approach the enormous challenge of mergers…


May 8, 2015


Change Metaphors and Leadership Styles

People who are responsible for leading and managing organizational change must understand their own assumptions about managing change, and…


May 1, 2015

Leading Teams Through Change

Without taking the analogy too far, there are similarities between sports teams and teams in the world of work…


April 24, 2015

Introducing Change Management

It was the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus who maintained that you never step into the same river twice. People…


April 10, 2015