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Coaching and Mentoring 2

The origins of mentoring are in ancient Greek mythology: Ulysses entrusted his son, Telemachus, to the guidance of his…


October 2, 2015


Coaching and Mentoring 1

The words “coach,” “mentor,” “counselor,” and “tutor” tend to be used as if they’re interchangeable. Yet, for some people,…


September 25, 2015

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More Than Talent

What is talent? Television entertainment has long been dominated by talent shows that offer the chance of fame and…


September 18, 2015


Learning Cycles and the Maturity Model

Change happens all the time. The challenge comes in embedding that change in your organization. You might move a…


September 11, 2015


Being a Learning Organization, Past and Present

In 1990, Nelson Mandela left gaol, the Berlin Wall came down – and Tim Berners-Lee created the first web…


September 4, 2015


Can Just Anyone Do ID? With Frank Troha and Bob Little [L&D Insights Podcast]

If you need to create a training course, what’s the best way to go about it? Should you break…


August 28, 2015


Evaluation – the Practicalities

Despite all the caveats of the previous two blogs, there comes a time when you have to evaluate your…


August 21, 2015


Evaluation – the Preparation

Creating a course can be fun, but few people ask what the value of that course is for learners…


August 14, 2015


Evaluation – the Basics

Learning evaluation is difficult. It presents all sorts of problems for the conscientious L&D professional. In the L&D context,…


August 7, 2015