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The Right to Choose

Give any professional a problem to solve and the chances are that their answer will involve their specialism. Coined…


January 30, 2015

Your Guide to Acquiring an LMS

It’s an odd coincidence but, if you ask any vendor which learning management system (LMS) you should buy, they’ll…


January 23, 2015

The Value of Psychometrics in L&D

Leaders who are concerned about how to leverage talent to achieve their organization’s goals are likely – at some…


January 16, 2015

Employee Engagement, With Emma Bridger [L&D Insights Podcast]

In this podcast we hear from Emma Bridger, an award-winning employee engagement specialist and the author of an invaluable…


January 9, 2015

The POSITIVE Model of Coaching: Your 10-Minute Guide to Getting People Excited About Their Goals

How can managers guide their team members so that they develop goals that they’ll be genuinely interested in for…


January 2, 2015

Overcoming a Sad Case of “Learning Interruptus”

The phrase “learning interruptus” was coined, a few months ago, by Elliott Masie, the head of The MASIE Center,…


December 19, 2014

Testing Conference-Strategy Criteria

A while ago, I wrote a post for this blog on how to get the most from attending conferences….


December 12, 2014

Mindfulness and Mirror Neurons in Learning

Former Beatle George Harrison once said, “It’s all in the mind,” while many people have been quoted as saying,…


December 5, 2014

Enlarging Your Sphere of Influence: Your L&D Guide to Getting People on Side

L&D professionals tend to have less “status” in their organizations than, say, those working in finance or IT. So…


November 28, 2014