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Mind Tools and Emerald Group – the Perfect Match!

Oliver Craddock 

April 12, 2019

It’s official – Mind Tools has taken the next giant step in its amazing journey, and is now part of the Emerald Group’s family of companies!

Since 1996, our co-founders James Manktelow and Rachel Thompson have carefully nurtured Mind Tools from its humble beginnings in a London attic, to the respected, world-renowned brand it is today.

James and Rachel’s vision was to help learners build happy and successful careers. And their proud legacy is knowing that they have reached tens of millions of people in more than 180 countries, and built a company that has thousands of corporate and individual subscribers around the globe enjoying our 2,400 resources and the support of our L&D experts.

My part in the Mind Tools story began in 2015. I was tasked with growing the Mind Tools Corporate solution, and in 2018 I had the honor of becoming CEO in place of James Manktelow.

Mind Tools has grown significantly, year on year, both in company size and revenue, and a year or so ago, James and Rachel decided that the time had come for them both to explore new ventures.

Mind Tools and Emerald: A Shared Ethos

We embarked on the mission to find the support and tie-in of another respected company, to help us to further improve the experience we provide to our learners and clients, and to position ourselves to help many more people to thrive at work in the years ahead.

It was very important to James and Rachel that whoever bought Mind Tools must share their passion for, and commitment to, our learners, and that they be a good cultural fit.

That process came to fruition on March 14, 2019, when Mind Tools joined Emerald Group, the global learning business. In this venture, we also join other well-known and established learning brands, Good Practice and Towards Maturity.

Emerald is already a leader in learning and performance development and our two businesses have a shared ethos of delivering research-led learning solutions, supported by a firm evidence base.

A week after announcing its acquisition, Richard Bevan, executive chairman of Emerald Group, and Emerald Learning CEO Peter Casebow, visited the Mind Tools headquarters in beautiful Sussex, U.K.

A Quick Guide to Emerald

Founded in 1967, Emerald Group has more than 50 years’ experience in publishing new ideas, bringing research to life, and developing professional learning.

The structure of Emerald Group is broken down into two parts: Emerald Publishing and Emerald Learning. Emerald Publishing nurtures fresh thinking to advance the research and practice of business and management, and Emerald Learning delivers learning solutions to organizations to help to improve corporate performance.

Emerald’s purpose is to unlock the talent and potential of people to make decisions that have a real impact, and to act as a bridge between academia and business practice, making learning engaging and accessible to all.

Culture and Values

During my visits to the Emerald Group offices in Edinburgh and London, I came to realize that Mind Tools and Emerald have shared values, both in ways of working and social responsibility. The group’s offices are bright and engaging, and all of the teams work in collaboration to deliver the best content for their users.

There have been a number of “exchange visits”, as colleagues from across the new, expanded Emerald family get to know each other. These visits have been overwhelmingly positive.

It would be true to say we have already “clicked” at a cultural, personal and professional level – but it seems that what has really cemented the bonds between us was our mutual love of dogs! We spent as much time enjoying our furry companions in the office as we did sharing sharing knowledge and best practice!

Emerald also has a strong commitment to charitable giving and, like Mind Tools, it encourages all employees to get involved and do their part, from volunteering days in local communities to championing local charities.

Last year, Emerald partnered with the Social Mobility Foundation, a charity which helps to boost opportunities and provide support networks for young people from low-income backgrounds, and to help them to access education. Emerald raised more than £25,000 through activities such as auctions, office tuck shops, bake sales, calendar sales, and a mammoth cycling challenge.

What Does This Mean For Mind Tools and Our Customers?

The Mind Tools service and brand will continue to grow and develop within Emerald, building our content and experience in line with the needs of our client and learner communities.

Personally, I’m genuinely excited to further evolve my role as I join the board of Emerald’s corporate learning division. And I look forward to us growing together into one great new business.

On behalf of the whole Mind Tools team, I’d like to thank you and all of our L&D colleagues and clients for your support, and to invite you to join us as we seize this new opportunity.

For more information on Mind Tools joining Emerald, read our market announcement. And click here to learn about the Mind Tools corporate solution – we’re ready and available to help your people to build their leadership, management and personal effectiveness skills, to the benefit of your organization!

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One comment on “Mind Tools and Emerald Group – the Perfect Match!”:

  1. Bill wrote:

    Just wanted to add that it should not be overlooked that Mind Tools has been responsible for helping in the education of students around the world. The contribution this learning adds to world economies cannot be considered insignificant. I look forward to the Mind Tools and Emerald Group collaboration moving forward.