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How do you Motivate Self-Directed Learning? Your L&D Guide to Helping People Build New Skills

Les Strachan 

March 6, 2014

Self-Directed-LearningSelf-directed learning has an increasingly important place in learning and development.

But, motivation can be a challenge for some learners.

So, how can you encourage people to engage with self-directed learning?

Our Learning and Development Guide is designed to help you and your learning and development team to motivate self-directed learners.

Please feel free to share the guide within your learning and development team. Click here to download your copy.

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5 comments on “How do you Motivate Self-Directed Learning? Your L&D Guide to Helping People Build New Skills”:

  1. PBD123 wrote:

    I think you have to reinforce the link between learning and career development/satisfaction/preservation. Answer the “What’s In It For Me?” and show them how learning relates to their remaining competitive in the marketplace.

  2. michael wrote:

    PBD123, you make a very good point about reinforcing the link between career and development, and yet in my observations some people want to advance both and some only the career and some only the learning! In self directed learning answering the WIFM? should be obvious – the learning! The opportunities that can be built on the learning are a secondary bonus.

    What do others think?

  3. Mark wrote:

    WIFM should be taken out and shot. Surely those that self-direct their own development from their own motivation are really less concerned about WIFM and more about proving to themselves they can achieve for it’s own sake not for the rewards per se. However, not everyone is wired that way and if WIFM works then it’s better than nothing. But a better question surely is ‘how will this learning/development’ help me to make a bigger and better contribution (for others). Just a thought

  4. medhin kiros wrote:

    It is very helpful program.
    Thank you.

  5. Dianna MT wrote:

    Glad that you are finding the guide helpful. Are there some things you will do more or less of now that you’ve read it? What one tip stood out as the most valuable for you?