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Getting Into the Christmas Spirit!

December 22, 2015


Over the past week, I’ve enjoyed two Christmas dinners, taken part in a “secret santa” gift exchange, and “helped” my team snatch improbable defeat from the jaws of victory in the office Christmas quiz.

In fact, this holiday season has proved so sociable and agreeable that actually getting on with any work has proved to be something of an inconvenience. But I’d argue that a few days of office mirth and the collective letting down of our hair makes for a happier and more productive team overall.

You might expect the company “big wigs” to be all Scrooge-like, roaming the corridors and muttering, “Bah, humbug!” But enough people witnessed them “getting their groove on” at the company party to suggest that bosses, too, probably let their thoughts drift to holiday fun even when on the clock.

So, the question we asked you was: How do you stay focused and motivated at work during the holiday season?

Here is a selection of the #mindtooltips we received from our followers and friends on Twitter and Facebook:

Dr Ambreen ZamanRiaz @amby920 opted for a little visual help to remind her what was important. She said: “Put motivating pictures on fridge, toilet mirror and rearview mirror as reminders to follow your dreams and goals.” It was a tip echoed by Neila Steele @neilasteele, who said: ‘Mentally workout with visualization, post photos of inspiration + flood your mind with visions of success.”

Kris Giere @KrisGiere offered: “Stay connected to your sense of purpose through daily reflections, so the holidays do not overrun your thinking.” MonicaDB @Monica_DBehague is a level-headed person. She said: “I will be reading my textbooks and keep up with headlines nonetheless.”

Joanne Wilshin @PriscillaAnew came up with a slightly cryptic nugget of advice. She said: “I set my intention, then I allow it all to unfold. #TheHappinessPath.”

Jon Hochstat @JHochstat had another contemplative approach. His simple tip was: “Meditation on the beach at sunset.” I suspect it was just an excuse to show off the beautiful spot he has found to meditate! He sent us a photo of where he finds his inner peace, which you can see below. Lucky chap!

mindtoolstips image

On Facebook, Shad Drury believes people should take their cue from their managers and leaders. He said: “While it is understandable for employees to wind down and settle into a more relaxed atmosphere with the holidays approaching, the company and its leadership set the tone.

“Expectations must be put in place to create and maintain a level of responsibility and accountability so that people don’t lose focus during times such as these. It needs to be communicated to your staff what the goals are and the best ways to balance the extra energy or a lack thereof that this time of year may have on people.

“Overall, perhaps, the best strategy is to keep things fun for everyone involved and be sure to not only celebrate the holidays but to celebrate each other as well. Happy Holidays!”

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the discussion. And we at Mind Tools join Shad in wishing you all the very best wishes for the holiday season!

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