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Building a Culture of Purpose in Your Organization

August 5, 2014


Culture-of-Purpose-cover_80x125Does your organization have a culture that inspires passion and purpose? Do your people come into work feeling empowered and excited about what they’re doing?

We all want to do meaningful work. That’s why a culture of purpose is so important for attracting and retaining the best talent, and for helping people work to their full potential.

So, how do you achieve this?

According to Christoph Lueneburger, author of “A Culture of Purpose,” the best way to establish a culture of purpose is by hiring change leaders who are committed to building one. The audio clip below, from our Book Insight on “A Culture of Purpose,” explains how to spot a change leader.

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To learn more about how to build a culture that inspires people and attracts top talent, listen to our Book Insight, here.

Question: What kind of culture do you have in your organization? How could you change it to make it better? Join the discussion below!


2 thoughts on “Building a Culture of Purpose in Your Organization

  1. Mika wrote:

    A culture of learning and always learning. ALWAYS. The day you stop learning is the day you start dying (in business).
    Being open to coaching, being self-aware and being tolerant.
    Well, we can make it better by learning even more and by ensuring we apply what we learn.

  2. Bree wrote:

    This struck a chord with me because I agree that an organization should have purpose, and have a culture of learning and growth. Yet, I currently do some work for a company that although it is supposedly a ‘learning’ environment, most of the staff are demoralized, unmotivated and just putting in time. Sad realization and one which makes me think it’s time to make tracks and move!

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