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How to break the Cycle of conflict Using the Betari Box infographic

What Could You Do Differently?

June 30, 2016

Break the Cycle of Conflict Using the Betari Box infographic


You didn’t mean to be at odds with your co-worker… but she’s so rude! She shows no respect and seems determined to make your day difficult. No wonder you’re cursing the day she joined the team.

It might be tempting to just sit in the corner and sulk, wishing for this “problem person” to get the message and leave. But you could help yourself, your co-worker, and your team if you took a deep breath and changed your behavior.

The Betari Box shows the link between our attitudes, our actions, and those of the people around us. We can use that connection to build a positive cycle of behavior, or we can fall victim to a vicious cycle of increasing conflict.

What would you do differently? Share your experiences and comments below!

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