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How to Manage a New Zealand Team

January 15, 2014


The people of New Zealand (members only) are as unique as the islands they live on. They’re friendly, outgoing, and hardworking.

If you’re going to manage a team of New Zealanders, you’ll need to take a subtly different approach from the one you’d use with your team at home.

For instance, wealth and status is less important in New Zealand than in some other cultures. So, a team barbecue or a heartfelt “thank you” might, sometimes, be more effective than a bonus check.

If you’re being transferred to New Zealand, or if you’ll be working with New Zealanders, see our article on Managing in New Zealand (members only) for more tips on how to work successfully in this unique, fascinating culture.

Question: Have you ever traveled to, or worked in, New Zealand? What was your experience like? Join the discussion below!

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