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Are You Leading the Life you Want?

September 15, 2014


Leading-the-Life-Cover_80wideWhen you look at your life, what do you see? Is it well balanced and satisfying, or do you feel overwhelmed by all of the things you need to do?

The term ‘work/life balance’ is used a lot these days, but few people seem truly able to achieve it. For instance, you might have succeeded in dividing your time between work and home life, but at the expense of other important areas, like spiritual fulfillment or community involvement.

This is the inspiration for Stewart Friedman’s new book, “Leading the Life You Want.” Friedman makes a compelling case for integrating four key domains in our life: work, family, community, and spirituality. What’s more, he provides a number of useful exercises that help to strengthen the skills you need to achieve balance in each area.

This audio clip, from our Book Insight on “Leading the Life You Want,” explains how one exercise, called “Ideal Self,” can help to clarify what’s most important to you.

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If you’d like to learn some hands-on approaches for balancing your life and living with greater purpose and fulfillment, don’t miss this book.

Question: What are you doing to achieve a healthier work/life balance? Join the discussion below!

2 thoughts on “Are You Leading the Life you Want?

  1. Midgie Thompson wrote:

    My work/life balance starts with self-care, or sometimes it’s extreme self-care because I tend to overdo things and take on to much! It’s still a balancing act for me! Anyone else find it’s a continual balancing act?

  2. YolandeMT wrote:

    I think it’s a continual balancing act for many people. I also experience that – especially with some work cycles being crazy busy. When I’m that busy it requires careful planning and disciplined execution of the plan. If execution isn’t disciplined then everything seems to go off the rails a little – and I’m the one who suffers most in the end.
    So yes – there’s never an end to it…life is a very consistent teacher! 😉

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