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Adding Values to Your Brand

September 22, 2014


Soft-Edge-Cover_80wideI may not know how to use half of the functions on my MacBook and iPhone, but I’m a big fan of Apple and its gadgets.

My ongoing positive regard is clear evidence that the design and marketing of Apple’s products is always spot on. But how is it that the company gets it so right, when so many others get lost in the brand’s shadow?

For an answer, I turned to “The Soft Edge.” Author Rich Karlgaard believes that, to ensure long-lasting success, leaders need to focus on values as well as strategy and execution.

He points out that leading companies like Coca-Cola, Specialized Bicycles and Apple have mastered the concept of taste – producing great products with a deep emotional pull.

Here’s a clip from our review of this book:

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Question: How do your products reflect your core values? Share your thoughts below!



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