Mind Tools Club™ Terms of Use for Individual and Corporate Members

The Mind Tools Club is a community of individual and corporate members from all around the world. The rules in this Terms of Use are to ensure that the club and the community forums remain a safe and constructive learning environment for all members, and that Mind Tools materials are used for the purposes intended.

By registering and accessing Mind Tools as a member, or as part of a trial, you agree to abide by the rules within this Terms of Use. Mind Tools reserves the right to terminate the membership of anyone who is found in breach of these rules.

Each corporate member, including participants in a corporate trial, is responsible to his or her employer or principal for compliance with these Terms of Use.

Note: These Terms of Use form part of the Terms & Conditions of Service for the Mind Tools Club. For corporate members, the Terms of Use are part of the Terms & Conditions of Service with the members' company or organization. For individual members, the Terms & Conditions of Service are found at https://www.mindtools.com/amember/cecopen/TermsandConditions.htm.

1. Be a Good Club and Forum Citizen

  • The value of a forum is in the exchange of personal ideas, opinions and experiences. However, please post these courteously and with respect. Don't use language that could be offensive to others (even if it is not to you), don't make abusive or threatening comments in general or about other people or organizations, or incite hatred or violence.
  • All postings must be legal. This means that, amongst other things, they should not include pornography, anything to do with the trade of illegal drugs, or infringe copyright.
  • Any messages you post should be relevant to the forum and to the topic, and be of potential interest to others. Only start a new thread if you have checked that there isn't a suitable one already. Do not post the same material to multiple forums. Read relevant parts of the forum before posting and do not repeat things that have already been said. Moderators reserve the right to move postings to a different thread if they think the posting would sit better there.
  • Members may add links to their postings where these form a valuable contribution to their post. However using the forums directly or indirectly to advertise other products, services (except those available from Mind Tools) or websites through links or otherwise is not acceptable. This restriction helps us ensure that the forums are useful and provide a high-quality experience for members.
  • The personal messaging (PM) system is to be used for contacting fellow members individually in relation to club material or postings, generally to follow up on a discussion, or to ask a member of the Mind Tools Team for assistance. Sending messages not related to club resources or mass or bulk emails to multiple members is prohibited and may result in your being suspended from the forum.
  • Do not impersonate others, or give the impression that you are an employee of or spokesperson for any organization, including Mind Tools, if you are not.
  • Please use full sentences (avoid 'text' language), and don't type ENTIRELY IN CAPITALS as it is hard to read and gives the impression you are shouting.
  • Mind Tools resources and materials are provided only for your personal use during the term of your membership. Materials are copyright protected. Please ensure that copyrights are respected. You must obtain the appropriate permission, license or further subscriptions to use the materials with other people.
  • All of the above forum rules apply to any form of contact between members as a result of their membership, in the forums, by personal messaging (PM) and by any other means.

2. Respect Confidentiality and Stay Safe

  • Please protect your own and your employer's confidentiality. Choose a logon name that does not uniquely identify you or your employer.
  • Corporate Members are reminded that the use of this Service is also subject to your employer's electronic and confidentiality policies.
  • Always respect the privacy of other members. If you know information about another member, by any means, please do not reveal that information in public areas of the club including the forum.
  • Mind Tools recommends that you do not divulge personal information such as your e-mail address, postal address, phone number or credit card details in the forum or personal message. If you do so, it is entirely at your own risk.
  • To avoid any issues of child safety, you may not use this forum if you are under 16 years of age.

3. Take Responsibility

  • It is your responsibility to evaluate any advice or suggestions made in the forum or other Mind Tools resources before acting on it. Any actions you take as a result of anything you read in the club are entirely your responsibility.
  • You are also responsible for the form, content and accuracy of any postings or material introduced by you.

4. Using Mind Tools Materials

  • The Materials in Mind Tools' Club are provided for your personal use during your subscription or trial period. Unless otherwise explicitly agreed by Mind Tools, your right to use the Materials ceases on expiry of your subscription or trial, or if you are unsubscribed from the club earlier by Mind Tools.
  • Mind Tools Materials are protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights, and shall remain the property of Mind Tools.
  • You may download and store machine-readable extracts from the Materials and print them for your own personal use during your subscription or trial period. You must not otherwise scan, copy, reproduce, adapt, translate, modify or create derivative works from the Materials. You are not permitted to create any independently searchable database of the Materials. You must delete or destroy downloaded materials when you subscription ends.
  • You must not provide access to Mind Tools or its Materials to anyone else. You must not allow anyone else to use your login or password, and you must keep these access details safe and secure.

5. Mind Tools Rights

  • Mind Tools reserves the right to remove any postings it considers inappropriate, without explanation, at any time.
  • Mind Tools also reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time, and so forum members are advised to check it regularly to ensure that they still comply.
  • Mind Tools is not responsible for anything posted to online forums accessed from www.mindtools.com, and can accept no liability arising from postings.
  • Anyone found in breach of these rules may be unsubscribed from the Club, at which point any refund due under the Terms & Conditions of Service will be made.