The Presentation Planning Checklist

The Presentation Planning Checklist

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Make your presentation stand out, for the right reasons.

This presentation planning checklist* will help you to deliver successful presentations.


  • Does your introduction grab participants' attention and explain your objectives?
  • Do you follow this by clearly defining the points of the presentation?
  • Are these main points in logical sequence?
  • Do these flow well?
  • Do the main points need support from visual aids?
  • Does your closing summarize the presentation clearly and concisely?
  • Is the conclusion strong?
  • Have your tied the conclusion to the introduction?


  • Are you knowledgeable about the topic covered in your presentation?
  • Do you have your notes in order?
  • Where and how will you present (indoors, outdoors, standing, sitting, etc.)?
  • Have you visited the presentation site?
  • Have you checked your visual aids to ensure they are working and you know how to use them?

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Many people are nervous about speaking in public. If this applies to you, see our article, Managing Presentation Nerves.


  • Make sure you are dressed and groomed appropriately and in keeping with the audience's expectations.
  • Practice your speech standing (or sitting, if applicable), paying close attention to your body language, even your posture, both of which will be assessed by the audience.

Visual Aids

  • Are the visual aids easy to read and easy to understand?
  • Are they tied into the points you are trying to communicate?
  • Can they be easily seen from all areas of the room?

* Adapted, in part, from Rouse/Rouse, Business Communications: A Cultural and Strategic Approach (ISBN: 9781861525444). © 2002 Cengage Learning

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  • Over a month ago Yolande wrote
    Thanks for sharing this with us, Phil. Please feel free to come over to the forums and share some thoughts and ideas with us. You'll find Career Cafe Central over here: http://www.mindtools.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=2

    Mind Tools Team
  • Over a month ago pholberton wrote
    I like you summary/checklist for preparing and delivering a presentation. Recently I conducted a webinar for Brandeis University - titled The Voice of Your Leadership you can access it here if you would like to view it. https://goo.gl/HXq2Zx
  • Over a month ago Michele wrote
    Hi Kasia,

    Thanks for the feedback. I checked out your blog post and you have shared some great tips.

    Mind Tools Team
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