Stress Management Techniques

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Managing Stress - Create Calm in Your Career  
Create Calm in Your Career

The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale  
Understanding the Impact of Long-term Stress

Stress Diaries  
Identifying Causes of Short-Term Stress

Albrecht's Four Types of Stress  
Managing Common Pressures

Action-Based Strategies

Job Analysis  
Zeroing In on What Your Job's About

Managing Your Boundaries  
Ensuring that Others Respect Your Needs

The Demand-Control Model of Job Stress  
Increasing Autonomy to Combat Stress

Perception-Based Strategies

Cognitive Restructuring  
Reducing Stress by Changing Your Thinking

Mental Stress Management

Using Affirmations  
Harnessing Positive Thinking

The ABC Technique  
Overcoming Pessimistic Thinking

Overcoming All-or-Nothing Thinking

Overcoming Fear of Failure  
Facing Fears and Moving Forward

Fear of Success  
Overcoming Fear of Change

Coping Strategies

Toffler's Stability Zones  
Finding Peace Amid Chaos

Coping with Change  
Managing Your Emotions and Expectations

Dealing With Anxiety  
Coping With Stress and Worry

Meditation for Stress Management  
Simple Meditation Techniques

Surviving Long Work Hours  
Thriving With a Demanding Schedule

Surviving a Stressful Job  
Thriving in a High-Pressure Environment

How to be Patient  
Staying Calm Under Pressure

Ready for a Real Vacation?  
Preparing to Make the Most of Your Precious Time

Minimizing Work Space Stress  
Creating a Comfortable and Healthy Work Environment

Surviving Business Travel  
Minimizing Stress during Business Trips

Working in an Emotionally Demanding Role  
Exhibiting "Grace Under Pressure"

Enjoy Your Commute!  
Learning How to Have a Better Journey

10 Ways to Make a Bad Day Better  
Simple Ways to Brighten Your Day

Managing Performance Stress

Performance Planning  
Planning Ahead to Reduce Performance Stress

Maintaining Focus in Stressful Situations

The Inverted-U Model  
Balancing Pressure and Performance

Happiness and Well-Being

The Wheel of Life®  
Finding Balance in Your Life

The Life Career Rainbow  
Finding a Work/Life Balance That Suits You

Subjective Well-Being  
Living Your Own Good Life

Ben-Shahar's Happiness Model  
Finding the Right Path to Happiness

The PERMA Model  
Bringing Well-Being and Happiness to Your Life

Getting More Exercise  
Fitting Exercise Into a Busy Schedule

Staying Focused on the Present

Relaxation and Sleep

Physical Relaxation Techniques  
Deep Breathing, PMR, and Centering

How to Relax After a Hard Day  
Leaving Work at Work

Getting a Good Night's Sleep  
Starting Each Day Fresh and Full of Energy

10 Ways to get a Good Night's Sleep  
Find out how to get Some Good-Quality Sleep

Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

How Self-Confident Are You?  
Improving Self-Confidence by Building Self-Efficacy

Building Self-Confidence  
Prepare Yourself for Success

Boosting Your Self-Esteem  
Improving the Way You Feel About Yourself

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome  
Facing Fears of Inadequacy and Self-Doubt

Beating Self-Sabotage  
Recognizing and Overcoming It

Anger Management

How Good is Your Anger Management?  
Controlling Your Anger Before it Controls You

Anger Management  
Williams' 12 Strategies for Controlling Aggression


Burnout Self-Test  
Are You at Risk?

Avoiding Burnout  
Maintaining a Healthy, Successful Career

Recovering From Burnout  
Finding Passion for Your Role Again

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