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Wouldn't it be great if your co-workers and friends knew about Mind Tools too? You'd have a common "language" and toolkit to draw on for problem solving, communication and so much more.

So please "tell a friend" today!

To help you do this, simply click here to create an email which you can address to your friend. This will include the standard message shown below, but you're free to edit it, of course.

Tip: If you want to tell more than one friend, please send them separate emails, or put their addresses in the bcc field so that you don't show your friends each other's addresses.

Important: The link above facilitates you contacting your friends directly through your own e-mail system. Their addresses do not pass through our systems and so are not stored by us. They cannot be contacted by us, unless they choose to contact us first.

Here's the standard message

Subject: One of My Favorite Websites

Hi [Friend's Name]

Have a look at You may find it interesting!

NB Your name and email address have not been added to any lists, so won't ever be passed on to Mind Tools or any third party.

Best wishes!

[Your Name]

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