Project Management Skills

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What is Project Management?  
Managing Complex Tasks and People

Agile Project Management  
Organizing Productive, Flexible Projects

Program Management  
Structuring Projects as Part of a Program

The Iron Triangle of Project Management  
Balancing Your Budget, Scope, and Schedule

Project Management Framework

Project Management Phases and Processes  
Structuring Your Project

The Planning Cycle  
A Planning Process for Medium-Sized Projects

Logframes and the Logical Framework Approach  
Planning Robust, Coherent, Successful Projects

How to Write a Business Case  
Getting Approval and Funding for Your Project

Project Initiation Documents  
Getting Your Project Off to a Great Start

Project Charters  
Getting Your Project Off to a Good Start

Request for Proposal Documents  
Getting Better Terms With a Competitive Bidding Process

Risk Impact/Probability Chart  
Learning to Prioritize Risks

Project Issue Management  
Identifying and Resolving Issues

Business Testing in Projects  
Involving Real Users as an Important Testing Step

Benefits Management  
Getting the Greatest Possible Benefit From a Project

Rationalizing Your Project Portfolio  
Delivering Strategic Benefits With Limited Resources

Managing Project Finances  
Understanding and Controlling Project Costs

Project Close Activities  
Ending Projects Properly

Managing Project Uncertainty  
Planning for the Unknown


Project Schedule Development  
Planning the Timing and Sequence of Project Activities

Action Plans  
Small Scale Planning

Planning Large Projects and Programs  
Planning Large-Scale Projects

Gap Analysis  
Identifying What Needs to be Done in a Project

Estimating Time Accurately  
Calculating Realistic Project Timelines

Gantt Charts  
Planning and Scheduling More Complex Projects

Critical Path Analysis and PERT Charts  
Planning and Scheduling More Complex Projects

The MoSCoW Method  
Understanding Project Priorities

Scope Management

Business Requirements Analysis  
Clearly Agreeing What You're Going to Deliver

Work Breakdown Structures  
Mapping Out the Work Within a Project

Scope Control  
Avoiding Too Many Changes in Projects

Building Support for Your Projects

Stakeholder Analysis  
Winning Support for Your Projects

Stakeholder Management  
Planning Stakeholder Communication

Project and Program Governance  
Using Senior Management Support to Ensure Project Success

The Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM)  
Knowing Where the Buck Ultimately Stops

The RACI Matrix  
Structuring Accountabilities For Maximum Efficiency and Results

Influence Maps  
Uncovering Where the Power Lies in Your Projects


Effective Scrum Meetings  
Keeping Your Team Members Coordinated and Energized

Project Dashboards  
Keeping Your Project on Target

Project Milestone Reporting  
Keeping Projects On Track by Monitoring Significant Check Points

Change Management

Change Management  
Making Organization Change Happen Effectively

Overcoming Cultural Barriers to Change  
Moving to a High Performance Culture

Lewin's Change Management Model  
Understanding the Three Stages of Change

Beckhard and Harris' Change Equation  
Overcoming Resistance to Change

The Change Curve  
Accelerating Change, and Improving Its Likelihood of Success

Leavitt's Diamond  
An Integrated Approach to Change

The Burke-Litwin Change Model  
Unraveling the Dynamics of Organizational Change

Kotter's 8-Step Change Model  
Implementing Change Powerfully and Successfully

Changing People's Habits  
Encouraging and Sustaining New Behaviors

Why Change Can Fail  
Knowing What NOT to Do

SIPOC Diagrams  
Making Sure Your Change Process Serves Everyone

The ADKAR® Change Management Model  
Using Goals to Accomplish Change

Bridges' Transition Model  
Guiding People Through Change

Project Improvement and Review

After Action Review (AAR) Process  
Learning from Your Actions Sooner Rather Than Later

Post-Implementation Reviews  
Making Sure That What You Delivered Actually Works

Conducting a Project Healthcheck  
Finding Out How a Project Is Progressing

Why Do Projects Fail?  
Learning How to Avoid Project Failure

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