Learning Skills

Personal Learning Skills

Mind Maps®  
A Powerful Approach to Note-Taking

The Cornell Note Taking System  
Effective and Efficient Note-Taking

Getting the Most From Training Programs  
Managing Your Learning

Online Training  
Pros and Cons of Virtual Learning

Finding Time for Professional Development  
Making Learning a Lifelong Activity

Journaling for Professional Development  
Developing Yourself Through Reflection

Understanding How People Learn

Learning Styles  
Understanding Learning Preferences

Cognitive Load Theory  
Making Learning More Effective

Herrmann's Whole Brain® Model  
Maximizing Your Thinking Power

Gardner's Multiple Intelligences  
Distinguishing Individual Profiles of Intelligence

The Conscious Competence Ladder  
Keeping Going When Learning Gets Tough

Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives  
Learning at the Right Level

The Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition  
The Five Steps to Expert Learning

ABCD Learning Objectives Model  
Outlining Learning Essentials

The ADDIE Model  
Developing Learning Sessions from the Ground Up

Gagne's Nine Levels of Learning  
Training Your Team Effectively

Learning Curves  
Learning Faster to Improve Efficiency

Case Study-Based Learning  
Enhancing Learning Through Immediate Application

Delivering Instruction That Everyone Can Understand

The 5 E Learning Cycle  
Guiding Active, Effective Learning

Developing a Learning Environment

Encouraging Learning in the Workplace  
Helping Others Learn

Training the Trainer  
Developing In-House Instructors

Engaging People in Learning  
Creating Enthusiasm for Team Development

Knowledge Management  
Making the Most of Intellectual Assets

Developing a Competency Framework  
Linking Company Objectives and Personal Performance

Planning a Training Session  
Organizing Key Concepts for Learning

Reading More Effectively

Speed Reading  
Learning to Read More Efficiently

Reading Strategies  
Reading Efficiently by Reading Intelligently

Overcoming Information Overload  
Strategies for Managing Information

Studying More Effectively

Review Strategies  
Committing Learning to Long-Term Memory

Information Gathering  
Information is Inspiration

Memory Techniques

Memory Improvement Techniques – Start Here!  
Avoid Frustrating Memory Loss. Retain and Recall More Information.

Improve Your Memory  
Developing Your Ability to Remember

The Link & Story Methods  
Remembering a Simple List

The Number/Rhyme Mnemonic  
Remembering Simple Ordered Lists

The Number/Shape Mnemonic  
Remembering Simple Ordered Lists

The Alphabet Technique  
Remembering Middle Length Lists

The Journey System  
Remembering Long Lists

The Roman Room System  
Remembering Grouped Information

The Major System  
Remembering Very Long Numbers

Memory Games  
Have Fun, While You Improve Your Memory!

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