Career Skills

Thinking About Your Career...

Thinking About Career Direction

Finding Career Direction  
Discover Yourself and Your Purpose

Developing a Career Strategy  
Creating Your Ideal Career

Personal Ansoff Matrix  
Gauging the Risks in Your Career Decisions

Identifying Career Opportunities  
Setting Yourself Up for Success

Schein's Career Anchors  
Understanding What Inspires You in Your Career

How Do You "Add Value"?  
Understanding How You Contribute to the Bottom Line

Unlocking Your Own Potential

Rebooting Your Career  
Finding the Right Role for you

Holland's Codes  
Shaping a Career That Suits Your Personality

Locus of Control  
Are You in Charge of Your Destiny?

Understanding Your Strengths

Test Your Skills  
Find The Resources That Will Help You Most

Personal SWOT Analysis  
Making the Most of Your Talents and Opportunities

Discovering Your True Potential

Benziger's Personality Types  
Checking You're Using Your Natural Talents

Your Reflected Best Self  
Getting a Deeper Understanding of Your Strengths

Career Tests

Psychometric Testing  
Measuring "Hidden" Traits

Myers-Briggs Personality Testing  
Understanding How we Relate to the World

The Hogan Development Survey  
Identifying Career Derailing Behaviors

Behavioral Assessments  
How Personality Affects the Way People Do Their Jobs

The Big Five Personality Traits Model  
Understanding If People's Personalities Fit Their Roles

Enhancing Your Job

Creating Job Satisfaction  
Getting the Most From Your Job

Learning to Think Like an Entrepreneur

Working with Purpose  
Bringing More Meaning to Your Career

Job Crafting  
Shaping Your Job to Fit You Better

The MPS Process  
Discovering Work That You Love

Finding the Right Work-Life Balance  
Creating a Healthy, Rewarding Life

Effective Working Relationships

Emotional Intelligence  
Developing Strong "People Skills"

How Emotionally Intelligent are You?  
Boosting Your People Skills

Why Soft Skills Matter  
Making Sure Your Hard Skills Shine

Working With Powerful People  
Manage Your Relationships for Maximum Career Satisfaction

Managing Your Boss  
Developing an Effective Working Relationship

Motivating Managers  
Improving Morale and Engagement

Getting a New Boss  
Starting a Positive New Relationship

Finding Your Allies  
Building a Personal Support Base

Professional Networking  
Building Relationships for Mutual Benefit

Working in a Virtual Team  
Using Technology to Communicate and Collaborate

Eldred's Power Strategies  
Avoiding "Tall Poppy Syndrome"

Gifts in the Workplace  
Showing Your Appreciation Appropriately

Building Trust  
Creating Honest, Open Relationships

Tolerance in the Workplace  
Respecting Others' Differences

Winning by Giving  
Succeeding Through Kindness

Building Rapport  
Establishing Bonds

General Career Skills

Managing Your Emotions at Work  
Controlling Your Feelings... Before They Control You

Developing this Vital Characteristic

Customer Service Mindset  
Getting Passionate About Satisfying Others

Representing Your Organization at a Conference  
Getting the Most from Conferences

Working Abroad  
Making the Most of an Overseas Placement

Sales Skills for Non-Salespeople  
Pitching Your Idea or Product

When Work Involves Socializing  
Knowing What's Appropriate... and What's Not

How to be a Good Role Model  
Setting a Good Example at Work

How to Be a Good Team Player  
Maximizing your Contribution

Preserving Integrity  
Consistently Making the Right Choices

Developing Commercial Awareness  
Understanding How Businesses Make Money

Being Effective at Work  
Essential Traits and Skills

How to Be True to Yourself

Dealing With Supplier Contracts  
Understanding the Terms and Risks of Agreements

Developing Charisma  
Increasing Your Influence in the Workplace

Building Your Reputation as an Expert  
Making the Most Your Knowledge

Working in a Matrix Organization  
Working Effectively With Several Bosses

Working in a Highly Political Organization  
Thriving in a Toxic Workplace

What to Consider When Relocating  
Things you Need to Know Before you Move

Getting Ahead

Making the Right Career Move  
Choosing the Role That's Best for You

Getting Noticed  
Staying "Visible" at Work

Get the Recognition You Deserve  
Learning How to Get Praise

Future Proof Your Career  
Developing Skills For Your Future As Well As For Today

How to Ask for a Pay Raise  
Objectively Evaluating Your Value to Your Organization

Success Programming  
Affirming Your Successful Future

Mastermind Groups  
Harnessing the Power of Collective Wisdom

What's Your Reputation?  
Building a Reputation Consistent With Your Career Goals

Learning Personal Leadership

Building Expertise  
Developing In-Depth Knowledge

Taking Initiative  
Making Things Happen in the Workplace

The PVI Model  
Standing Out From the Crowd

Developing Personal Accountability  
Taking Responsibility to Get Ahead

The Power of Good Habits  
Using High-Performance Habits to Achieve Significant Goals

Intentional Change Theory  
Achieving Manageable, Meaningful Change

Maintaining a Positive Online Reputation  
Using the Web to Enhance Your Career

Increasing Your Visibility  
Raising Your Profile at Work

Getting a New Role

Writing Your Resume (CV)  
Highlighting Your Skills and Experience

Handling Interview Questions Effectively  
Putting Yourself in the Best Light

How to Ace a Remote Interview  
Making a Good Impression by Phone or Video

Interview Skills  
Preparing for Your Ideal Role

Get Ready for Promotion  
Showing What You Can Do

Promotion Selection Panels  
Creating a Great Impression for Everyone

Succeeding in Test and Assessment Centers  
Highlighting Your Knowledge and Skills

Changing Career Within Your Organization  
Staying Challenged With a New Role

"Re-interview" for Your Own Job  
Getting Rehired After a Company Restructure

"Disrupting" Your Career  
Finding a Rewarding Career Path

Into the Deep End  
Gaining Control in an Unexpected New Role

Key Career Points

Starting a New Job  
Getting Used to Your New Role

From Technical Expert to Manager  
Learning Management Skills

Surviving a Merger  
Taking Control and Proving Your Value

Life after Job Loss  
Coping With the Emotional Turmoil

I'm Back!  
Returning to Work After an Extended Absence

A Happy Ending  
Wrapping Up Your Current Role Before Moving On

Returning From Vacation  
Handling Work After a Break

Planning a Later-Life Career Change  
How to Start a New Career in Your 40s, 50s, or 60s

Beware the Mid-Career Slump  
Bouncing Back From a Career Plateau

Achieving Quick Wins  
Securing Early Success for Long Term Results

Kelley and Conner's Emotional Cycle of Change  
Keeping Going When You Make a Voluntary Change

Mentoring and Coaching

A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

Mentoring Skills  
Using Your Knowledge and Experience to Help Others

Finding a Mentor  
Getting Support From the Right "Someone" Who's Been There Before

Mentoring: An Essential Leadership Skill  
Mentoring from a Mentor's Perspective

Coach Yourself to Success  
Learning to Help Yourself

Reverse Mentoring  
Building Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Finance for Non-Specialists

Understanding Accounts  
Basic Finance for Non-Financial Managers

Managing a Budget  
Setting and Sticking to Financial Targets

The Thrifty Manager  
Cutting Costs the Smart Way

Supply and Demand Curves  
Understanding Price and Quantity in the Marketplace

Preparing and Implementing a Traditional Budget  
Projecting Future Income From Past Performance

Activity-Based Costing (ABC)  
Understanding What Really Drives Costs

Understanding Different Sectors

Managing in Nonprofit Organizations  
Understanding the Not-For-Profit Environment

Professional Services Organizations  
Understanding How They Work

Managing in Public Sector Organizations  
Exploring the Challenges

Working in a Public-Facing Role  
Strengthening Your People Skills

Working for a Small Business  
Understanding the Pros and Cons

Working in a Family Business  
Understanding the Pros and Cons

Entrepreneurial Skills  
The Skills You Need to Build a Great Business

Working for Yourself  
Surviving and Thriving in Self-Employment

Understanding Culture

The Seven Dimensions of Culture  
Understanding and Managing Cultural Differences

Handy's Four Types of Culture  
Choosing the Best Culture for Your Organization

The Cultural Web  
Aligning Your Organization's Culture With Strategy

Deal and Kennedy's Cultural Model  
Understanding Rites and Rituals in Corporate Culture

The Congruence Model  
Aligning the Drivers of High Performance

The Competing Values Framework  
Analyzing Corporate Culture

Cultural Intelligence  
Working Successfully With Diverse Groups

Wibbeke's Geoleadership Model  
Effective Cross-Cultural Leadership

Cross-Cultural Business Etiquette  
Learning the Ins and Outs of Global Business

Avoiding Cross-Cultural Faux Pas  
Understanding the Impact of Cross-Cultural Differences

Avoiding Cross-Cultural Faux Pas - Food  
Making the Best Impression

Avoiding Cross-Cultural Faux Pas: Clothes  
Dressing to Impress, not Offend, While Abroad

Dealing with Challenges

Asking for Help  
Getting Help Without Looking Weak

Living with a Lack of Job Security  
Coping with Uncertainty

Surviving a Downturn  
Managing Your Career in an Unstable Economy

Generation Y's First Recession  
Standing Out While Blending In

Overcoming a Lack of Qualifications  
Gaining the Skills You Need

Breaking the Glass Ceiling  
Reaching for the Top with Everyday Tools

Career Progression in a Flat Organization  
Furthering Careers Without Promotions

Escaping Micromanagement  
Becoming More Independent

Combining Parenthood and Work  
Understanding and Managing the Challenges

How to Juggle Caregiving Responsibilities and Work  
Holding it Together When Work and Care Commitments are Pulling You Apart

Doing More than One Job  
How to Juggle Multiple Roles at Work

Back On Track  
Overcoming a Major Setback in Your Career

Developing Resilience  
Overcoming and Growing from Setbacks

Understanding the Issues and Risks

Dealing With Discrimination  
Addressing Unfair Treatment

Making Amends  
Moving on After a Mistake

Dealing with Difficult People

Good Manners in the Office  
Realizing There's No Excuse for Discourtesy

Egos at Work  
Managing a Co-worker's Superiority Complex

Dealing with Difficult People  
Learning to Fight Back... On Your Terms

Dealing With Office Politics  
Navigating the Minefield

Stop Playing the "Blame Game"  
Finding Solutions Rather than Finding Fault

Dealing With Bullying  
Identify and Deal With Bullying at Work

Working with Lazy People  
Motivating Idle Colleagues

Dealing with Bossy Co-Workers  
Managing Controlling People in the Workplace

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