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Want some tips for keeping yourself motivated? Need some strategies for creating some 'me-time' in your busy life? Or how about some techniques for boosting your self-belief?

Our resident career coaches lead discussions on these themes – plus many other key areas of your personal and professional development – in the Coaching Clinics in the Mind Tools Club forum. Find out how to join the Club.

The most popular Coaching Clinics are in the following areas:

Coaching for Managers
Believe in Yourself
Get Motivated - Change Your Attitude
Get Set for Success - Restore Balance

You'll find more details of each category below.

Coaching for Managers


I'm Afraid That I'll Fail as a Leader

Scott was having second thoughts about taking on the responsibility of becoming managing director of his organization. Find out how coaching helped him to face his fears, and succeed in the role.


Inspiring Your Team

With her organization putting more and more demands on her and her team, Angela needed ideas on inspiring team members, and gaining their confidence. Find out how coaching helped her to do this.


Dealing with Burnout

Lisa was failing to recognize how regularly working 80 hours a week or more was affecting her productivity, and more worryingly, her health. Learn about the steps she took to change her working habits, and find out the effect it had on her, and her organization.


Taking Responsibility

Bruce's organization was making cuts, and as manager of his department, he was finding it a challenge to take responsibility for laying off staff, and improving morale. Find out how coaching helped Bruce take responsibility for his actions.


Dealing with Enforced Change

Change can be hard to accept, especially if we feel "ownership" of our team or organization. Find out how Cindy, a grocery store manager, came to terms with the changes she had to make to her team.


Getting a Fresh Challenge

Tim felt that he needed a new challenge in his career. Learn how coaching helped him to explore his options, and find out how you can apply this case study to your own situation.


Getting a Better Work/Life Balance

Need to review how much time you're spending at work? Read this coaching case study, and find out how you can get the work/life balance that's right for you.


Planning Your Successor

Ken had decided to leave his company, and wanted to hand over his role in an effective and controlled way. Find out what issues Ken faced, and how you can relate his experiences to your own situation.


Trouble in the Top Team

Cliff's team didn't get on with one another, and he was finding it hard to work with them to meet business objectives. Find out how coaching helped them to work toward a common goal.


Believe in Yourself

Do you have the courage of your convictions? Do you trust yourself to make the right decisions and take the right action?  Many of us don’t because we’ve forgotten how to tune into our instincts, so we rely on other people to run our lives for us. The end result is often a sense of frustration, and fear of change.

Recognizing where we may limit ourselves, and how we often sabotage our best efforts through our negative thinking and behavior, is the first step to turning our lives around – and starting to experience a more fulfilling personal and professional life.


Testing Times

Are you unclear about how to get what you want? Do you know which of your ideas is best? A simple technique like Plan-Do-Check-Act can help you test and revise your plan before you commit.


Play to Your Strengths

We're often so concerned with day-to-day issues that we don't think about what we do well and what we could do better. The TOWS analysis helps us do this and gain insight into the way forward.


The Power of Affirmations

Can you really change the way you think just by telling yourself that what you want to believe about yourself is true? Our resident coach Sharon Juden believes you can! Find out why and how to do it.


Think like a "Corporate Athlete"!
A Lesson from Sport

Sporting performances demand mental mastery as much as physical prowess. And while you don't have to leap real hurdles in the office, there's a lot you can learn from sports psychology that will help you produce medal-worthy performances in the workplace.


Why Would Anyone Want Me?
Coaching Case Notes

After being made redundant and then working abroad for several years, Tessa was finding it hard to find a job again back home. She didn't feel she could compete with younger applicants and had lost confidence. Read how she turned the situation round.


They Believe in Me, but I Don't
Coaching Case Notes

Do you tend to be negative, always assuming the worst? Paul was like this, and it was seriously hurting his sense of self-worth. Find out how he changed to a much more helpful and positive outlook.


Torn in Two
Coaching Case Notes

Do you ever have vague ideas floating around, but don't know how to pin them down? In our Coaching Case Notes, 'Claire' discovered a way to follow and achieve her dreams.


I Know What I Want To Do, But I'm Scared To Try
Coaching Case Notes

When fear holds you back, how do you find the resolve to follow the career of your dreams? In our Coaching Case Notes, meet 'Sarah,' who learned a technique that helped her believe in herself.


Am I making the right choice?

Learn about some of the less-effective bases we use to make decisions – and some tips for making good choices.


The fears that hold me back

Learn to recognize the subconscious fears that are stopping you from taking advantage of the opportunities available to you.


Will I be any good at this?

Once the elation of a new opportunity subsides, creeping doubts can set in. Find out how to face these fears, and regain your conviction.


Please yourself

Being helpful to other people is great, but sometimes we’re so busy thinking about others that we forget about ourselves. Learn why it’s worth achieving a balance, and how you can do it.


Mastering your mind

How much do your daily thoughts impact your life – for good and for bad? Take time to pay attention to these thoughts, and notice where they might hold you back.


I’m worth more than this

Could you unknowingly hurt your progress because of a poor sense of self-worth? Find out how to eliminate barriers to your own success.


Do you listen to your heart?

Are you ever torn between your head and your heart – and you don’t know which to follow? Try the exercises in this Coaching Clinic to help you discover what's right for you.


The stories that run our lives

What are the opinions and beliefs that lurk in your head, and affect the way you see things and people? Are they correct? Learn to banish the negative ones that are holding you back.


Get Motivated

When we find ourselves drifting aimlessly, or finding elaborate reasons why we’re not heading in the direction we really want to be, it usually means we’ve lost sight of our goals – or maybe never had them clearly defined in the first place.

We need to remind ourselves of what we really want to do, rekindle that desire to move forward positively, then create an action plan with simple steps to get us back on track, and in control.

Are Your Needs Being Met?

Maslow's hierarchy of needs is very well known, but do we apply it to our daily lives? If we paid closer attention to what we needed, how much more fulfilled and motivated could we feel?


What Do You EXPECT?

You don't have to hope that motivation will "strike": you can LEARN to motivate yourself! You just need to know what you want to gain, and understand how much effort is required to make that happen. It's simple, but effective.


Why Do I Bother?
Coaching Case Notes

Rob had hit an all time low and was about to pack in his job, but by changing his focus, learned how to interpret the issues differently.


What Do I Stand For?
Coaching Case Notes

You're about to be made redundant, and you're offered a different job in your organization. Do you take it? Some might say, "Of course." but is it really the best thing to do? In our Coaching Case Notes, find out what 'Tom' decided to do when faced with this situation.


'No' after 'No' is getting me down
Coaching Case Notes

What do you do when a series of rejections knocks the passion out of your job? In the first of our new Coaching Case Notes, we meet 'Donna,' and learn the coaching tips and techniques that helped her recapture her enthusiasm and motivation.


The language of my motivation

Find out why "I want to" is much more motivating than "I have to" or "I should", and how to use this to your own benefit.


Think, act, now!

Do you spend too much time thinking rather than doing? If so what’s holding you back from acting now? Learn some tips that will encourage you to take action now!


Where’s my enthusiasm?

What can you do to regain your enthusiasm? Whether you're feeling disheartened, or simply need support to help reach your goals, learn some enthusiasm-boosting tips here!


Are you your own boss?

Being your own boss doesn’t necessarily mean running your own company. It means controlling the direction of your life and career – taking responsibility and positive action. Do you do this?


Reach for your dreams!

Have you given up on your dreams, perhaps without even realising you had?  Are there still things you would love to do or be or have?  Allow yourself the possibility of making them happen.


No more excuses!

When we make excuses, we hold ourselves back unnecessarily. Learn about why we make excuses, and try these exercises to help you stop making them, and get on with your life and your career.


Live your passion

What are you passionate about? Is it part of your life? If not, find out how to get your passion back.



Dream on!

Dare to spend some time with your subconscious, and be motivated by the inspiration that some unstructured dreaming  provides!


Change Your Attitude

We often assume that others should see our point of view, or we find it difficult relating to certain types of people. We can end up feeling frustrated, or misunderstood – or we keep quiet to avoid confrontation.

A simple change of perspective can be all that's needed to change how we feel about challenging situations and difficult people, and give us a more balanced view of life’s issues.

What's the Worst that Can Happen?

When we're really stuck, we often imagine the worst-cast scenario – but we rarely use it to our advantage. By applying the Reversal Technique, we can learn to use our worst fears in a positive way.


WHY Am I Stuck?

Simply asking "Why?" may reveal a lot more than you think. Find out how and when to do so, and how it helped personal trainer Peter after the gyms he worked at closed down.


"Taking Stock" at Thanksgiving

In the run-up to US Thanksgiving, it's a great time to look back at what you've achieved and what you have to be grateful for. Try the exercise in this Coaching Clinic to help you appreciate your achievements and benefits.


People in Authority Are So Hard to Talk To
Coaching Case Notes

Do you find it difficult to talk to certain people? Do you either avoid them or regret the way you react? Philippa had problems communicating with her boss, but by changing her approach, she improved her boss's reactions.


I Hate to Delegate
Coaching Case Notes

Do you find it hard to delegate tasks, but you also know that you have far too much to do? Read about how Alice solved this dilemma in this Coaching Clinic.


Why Do I Upset People So Easily?
Coaching Case Notes

How do you create a happy compromise when you often think you're right? In our Coaching Case Notes, we meet 'John,' and learn a technique that helped him appreciate other points of view.


Don’t take it personally

Do you take criticism to heart? Find out how to deal with other people’s comments more objectively and constructively.


Patience is a virtue

Do you want everything immediately? Have you forgotten how to be patient? Perhaps you need to consider the benefits of slowing down.


On the defensive

When someone comments on what you do, do you get defensive? Consider alternative ways of dealing with these situations for a more positive outcome.


When the need to control takes over

Do you always push to make things happen, and make people behave more like you? It’s stressful – and it’s hard work. Discover the benefits of relaxing your control a little.


What's your point of view?

People have different perspectives. Learn how to look for alternative views, so that you can understand other people – and their reactions – better.


Who cares what other people think?

When you take negative feedback to heart, you can quickly start destroying your self-confidence. Learn how to avoid this self-destructive spiral, and start using negative feedback positively.


Who do I blame?

Blaming others can become an unconstructive pattern of behavior. Learn what it means to take responsibility, and break free of the cycles of blame.


The benefit of the doubt

How often do you stop to consider whether there's a reason for someone else's negative behaviour? Learn how to be more understanding, and reduce friction.


Are you getting along?

You probably choose your friends because you get along with them. Colleagues are a different matter. Find out how to build better relationships with those you don't naturally bond with easily.


Get Set for Success!

Success takes commitment and a determination to be the best we can be. This means allowing room for mistakes, but learning as we go, and applying each new lesson to our next experience.  It means knowing what we stand for, having the courage and determination to see it through, and refusing to allow past ‘mistakes’ or ‘failures’ to hold us back.

Halftime Roundup
A Lesson from Sport

Athletes use halftime breaks to review the first half of their event and determine whether to make any adjustments to help them win. You can use the same strategies to help you achieve your goals.


What Will Your Obituary Say?

Thinking about your legacy after you die may seem depressing, but it's a wonderful way to determine what you'd like to do and be and have. Writing your own obituary can give you direction, hope, and motivation.


What's Really Bothering You?
Coaching Case Notes

What we dislike about problems is their effects. But to solve problems, we need to know what's causing them. Learn how spending time searching for causes is actually a shortcut to finding solutions.


Perform like a "Corporate Athlete"!
A Lesson from Sport

Athletes prepare mentally as well as physically before a big competition so they can perform at peak levels. You can use these same techniques when you need to deliver a "gold medal performance" at work.


Are You in Control?

New Year's is a time for resolutions. But is achieving your resolutions up to you - or are you at the mercy of "circumstances outside your control"? Life coach Sharon Juden helps you find out.


How Can I Impress?
Coaching Case Notes

It's easy to do enough to be satisfactory, but what if you want to excel and impress people? Rebecca faced this issue and learned techniques to raise her standards. Read how she ended up impressing others - and herself!


Why Can't I Get a Promotion?
Coaching Case Notes

Sometimes we're so set in our ways that we don't listen carefully to other people. This happened to Jonny, who couldn't figure out what he was doing wrong. Find out how he made himself more "promotable."


I Can't Do It!
Coaching Case Notes

Apparently harmless childhood experiences can affect your behavior as an adult. In our Coaching Case Notes, meet 'Rita,' who froze every time she had to give a presentation if the audience reminded her of her school class...


One Day I Will ...
Coaching Case Notes

Ever had a great idea - but lacked the oomph to make it happen? In our Coaching Case Notes, meet 'Phillip,' who learned a process that helped turn his dream into reality.


I'm Not Clever Enough to Succeed
Coaching Case Notes

How do you overcome feelings of inadequacy to pursue a more fulfilling life? In our Coaching Case Notes, 'Jack' learned a technique that helped him swap a negative past for a positive future.



How good a listener are you? And does it matter? Find out why it does, and how you can greatly improve your relationships with others, simply by listening more effectively.


Credible commitments

We often focus so much on working toward our goals that we forget the positive benefits of achieving them. But if we change our focus to what's fun and enjoyable, commitments become easier to keep.


Actions speak louder than words

Do you 'talk' more than you 'do'? Perhaps talking makes you feel better, but does it actually move you forward? If not, consider acting now – and finally doing those things you’ve been meaning to do.


Can’t get a word in edgewise

Do you talk so much about your ideas – and forget that other people might also have their own opinions? Take some time to notice what’s going on around you, and prepare to change!


Are you a quitter or a stayer?

When faced with a challenge or an obstacle, do you keep on trying? Or do you sometimes give up just a little too easily? Find out how to stay the distance.


Get over it!

It can be hard to move on from disappointments and mistakes, but it's well worth doing. Find out HOW you can get over issues, and learn from them.


Take one elephant beetle

Do you ever say, ”I’ll do it tomorrow”? If you do, find out what steps you can take to make tomorrow happen now!


Look before you leap?

Does considering all the pros and cons of a situation actually hold you back? Discover how leaping ahead – without looking too much – can sometimes be more beneficial than you think.


Why can't I just DO it?

If you ever procrastinate, this coaching clinic's for you. Learn how to uncover WHY you're avoiding doing what you should be doing... and get 'unstuck.'


Restore Balance

We can get so caught up in the details of everyday life that we forget there's a bigger picture.  We rush from one meeting or deadline to another and rarely have time to just enjoy the moment.  This can send your life off-balance, which then leads to stress.

Getting that important balance back is vital to a happy and calmer life.  Small changes in daily routine and a conscious effort to live more in the moment, help restore our equilibrium.

REmember to REduce Stress!

Stressed out? Try some great little techniques from stress expert Dr Jay Winner that will help you keep your perspective, and stay positive - when you need it most!


How Can I Be More Assertive Without Changing Who I Am?
Coaching Case Notes

Do you say "yes" more often than you'd like, and then become frustrated with yourself? Will had this problem. Read about how he learned that it was OK to say "no" sometimes.


How Can I Balance My Family and My Career?
Coaching Case Notes

What do you do when your career and family life are in conflict? Find out how Alexa faced this dilemma and achieved a good compromise.


I'm A Perfectionist!
Coaching Case Notes

Is the need to be perfect spoiling your ability to enjoy life? In our Coaching Case Notes, meet perfectionist 'Claire,' who learned a technique that helped her restore balance in her life.


What Am I Doing... and Why?
Coaching Case Notes

Do you focus on one area of your life, to the detriment of another? In our Coaching Case Notes, 'Peter' learned a technique that helped him restore balance in his personal and professional life.


Let go a little

Are you so focused on your goals that you never allow your mind an body the time just to be? Find out the benefits of giving yourself a little space.



When you are overworked and overwhelmed, it’s easy to lose perspective and become less than effective. Find out how to regain calm and control by decluttering your work space – and your mind.


Time for me

How are you really feeling today? Make time to attend to your well-being, and learn how to recognize those warning signs.


All work and no play

Does work take up more time than you’d like? Find out how to get the balance you want in your life.



Do something different

Routines are useful, but is your routine a little too boring? Follow these tips to make your life more interesting – at home and at work.


A pick-me-up

If you are feeling a little tired, unmotivated or worn-down, then what you need is a 'pick me up.' We have just the exercise for you.


Stuck in a rut? Break free!

When an area of your life gets stuck in a rut, it's time to make some changes.



Appreciating what I have

If what makes you happy is always somewhere in the future, how can you ever be truly happy? Appreciating the here and now is a key ingredient of true happiness.


Enjoy the journey!

Are you so caught up in your job and the daily routine that you forget to enjoy the here and now? Learn how to start enjoying your life’s journey again, with these exercises.


Wake up and smell the coffee

Are you waiting for some outside force to change your life for the better? Or, even worse, have you given up? Here’s how to get back on track.


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