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When to Create a New Role

Choosing the Right Time to Expand Your Team

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Find the right time to enable your team to bloom.

Has your team had too much to do lately?

Are people increasingly overworked and stressed, because of the volume of tasks they must complete? Or perhaps your projections for the next year show that sales volumes will increase dramatically and you're getting nervous that, if this continues, you won't have a big enough team in place to handle the extra workload.

How do you know when to hire new workers? This is not easy to decide. There's much more to consider than just your current staff's protests that they have too much to do.

In this article, we'll look at when to consider creating a new role, and what you need to analyze before making the investment. At the end of each section, we'll give an action step to help you make the best decision for your situation.

When NOT to Create a New Role

Hiring a team member at the wrong time or for the wrong reasons can cost you time, and waste money. There are several factors that do not justify a permanent addition to your team:

  • Seasonal increases in workload – If your team is overworked at specific times of the year, then hire temporary help to relieve the workload.
  • One-time or unusual projects – If your people are responsible for delivering an unusually large project that's outside either the type or volume of "business as usual" work, then consider using contractors to meet this temporary change in staffing requirements. You can use contractors to do the project work itself, or you can use them to do the regular work of your permanent staff, whose expertise you need to deliver the project.
  • Sick or vacationing team members – Again, temporary staffing can help fill these gaps.
  • Complaining staff members – If people on your team complain about their workload, then make sure they're managing their time well. You can fix poor time management much more easily than hiring someone new to do some of their work.

Action Step:

Before you decide to hire a permanent addition to your team, make sure your team members are managing their time effectively, are properly resourced, and are working as efficiently as possible. Also, make sure that their heavy workload isn't just temporary.

When to Consider a New Role

So, what does justify creating a new job in your organization?...

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