Burnout Self-Test

Checking Yourself for Burnout

Burnout self-test

Act before it's too late, if you're at risk.

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Burnout occurs when passionate, committed people become deeply disillusioned with a job or career from which they have previously derived much of their identity and meaning. It comes as the things that inspire passion and enthusiasm are stripped away, and tedious or unpleasant things crowd in.

This tool can help you check yourself for burnout. It helps you look at the way you feel about your job and your experiences at work, so that you can get a feel for whether you are at risk of burnout.

Checking Yourself for Burnout


For each question, click the radio button in the column that most applies. Then click the 'Calculate My Total' button to add up your score and check your result using the scoring table underneath.

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15 Statements to Answer

Not at All Rarely Sometimes Often Very Often
1 I feel run down and drained of physical or emotional energy.
2 I have negative thoughts about my job.
3 I am harder and less sympathetic with people than perhaps they deserve.
4 I am easily irritated by small problems, or by my co-workers and team.
5 I feel misunderstood or unappreciated by my co-workers.
6 I feel that I have no one to talk to.
7 I feel that I am achieving less than I should.
8 I feel under an unpleasant level of pressure to succeed.
9 I feel that I am not getting what I want out of my job.
10 I feel that I am in the wrong organization or the wrong profession.
11 I am frustrated with parts of my job.
12 I feel that organizational politics or bureaucracy frustrate my ability to do a good job.
13 I feel that there is more work to do than I practically have the ability to do.
14 I feel that I do not have time to do many of the things that are important to doing a good quality job.
15 I find that I do not have time to plan as much as I would like to.
Total = 0

Score Interpretation

Score Comment

No sign of burnout here.


Little sign of burnout here, unless some factors are particularly severe.


Be careful – you may be at risk of burnout, particularly if several scores are high.


You are at severe risk of burnout – do something about this urgently.


You are at very severe risk of burnout – do something about this urgently

See our article on Avoiding Burnout   if you think you might be at risk of it. See our article on Recovering From Burnout   if you think it might already have occurred.


This tool uses an informal approach to assessing burnout. While it may be intuitively useful, it has not been validated through controlled scientific tests and must therefore not be used as a diagnostic technique. Please, therefore, interpret the results with common sense. Also, make allowances for any recent events that may have a disproportionate influence on your mood at the time you take the test!

If you prefer rigorously validated tests, then the Maslach Burnout Inventory may be useful. This was developed by Christina Maslach, one of the leading researchers in the field of burnout. Copies can be purchased at the following site: https://www.cpp.com/en/detailprod.aspx?pc=35.

Warning: Stress can cause severe health problems and, in extreme cases, can cause death. While these stress management techniques have been shown to have a positive effect on reducing stress, they are for guidance only, and readers should take the advice of suitably qualified health professionals if they have any concerns over stress-related illnesses or if stress is causing significant or persistent unhappiness. Health professionals should also be consulted before any major change in diet or levels of exercise.

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Comments (76)
  • MichaelP wrote Over a month ago
    Iloni_k thank you for sharing your progress with us and the positive feedback is always appreciated. It sounds like you have already mapped out a relevant strategy and if you put those terms in the site search you will find lots of related articles for you to add to your learning plan. Please 'Ask the Team' in the forums if you have any questions.
  • Iloni_k wrote Over a month ago
    58 points - related to my old job. :) However the problem was already solved, once I've decided to wake up from the nightmare at the end of last year and look for new challenges in a better work place. I've joined the Club because I need to work on my Self-Confidence and Positive thinking and I feel that I've made already big improvements since I became a member. Thank you!
  • Michele wrote Over a month ago
    Hi KAustin1392,

    There is nothing more important than taking care of "you".

    Come join us in the forums. It is a great place to ask questions, meet other members and get help with issues. There's even a Stress Support Group in the forums under Career Cafe Central. You can find it here:


    Hope to see you there :-).
  • KAustin1392 wrote Over a month ago
    I scored a 72, not surprising since I had a mini-stroke last Friday. As a new manager, I've been given an extreme amount of responsibility and I was told orientation is a privilege. I also experienced colleagues who withheld information and I feel so blindsided by the "cutthroat" environment. Well I've signed up for the MindTools Club because I have to take charge of my life and invest in my well-being first.
  • Elena wrote Over a month ago
    63...Time to go on Vacations!
  • Yolande wrote Over a month ago
    Glad it's better than you thought, Therron!

    (Mind Tools Team)
  • Therron wrote Over a month ago
    WOW,I got a 35 and I think that's good.All th stressful things that I put up with at work,I thought I was getting a score of 65..LOL

  • Midgie wrote Over a month ago
    HI Brandy, Zinker26 and Nishant,
    Thank for sharing your scores. Even when we know we have experienced high levels of stress and possibly heading towards burnout, it is sometimes good to get some sort of 'evidence' to confirm our thoughts.

    I trust that you will all take some actions to help yourself reduce those stress levels.

    Good luck and let us know if there is anything we can help with.

    Mind Tools Team
  • Nishant wrote Over a month ago
    I got 42. It seems accurate in some extent.
  • Zinker26 wrote Over a month ago
    64 has just confirmed what I thought
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