Project Milestone Reporting

Keeping Projects on Track by Monitoring Significant Check Points

Project Milestone Reports

A significant point along the way.

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Many managers will have been in situations in which they're told that work is "80% done" at a certain stage of a project, only to find that that project then massively and embarrassingly over-runs by weeks or even months. This is because the last 20% of the work takes longer than planned.

If you've ever been in this situation and suffered the painful consequences, you'll know why experienced managers carefully monitor how actual completion dates compare against planned completion dates at certain "milestones" within projects. This allows them to take corrective action, or manage people's expectations appropriately, and this is where Project Milestone Reporting becomes important.

A real life milestone is a marker that tells you how far you are from a certain point – so you know how far you have come, or how far you have to travel.

Project Milestones perform exactly this role in a project plan. They mark significant events, deliverables or interdependencies that needs to be monitored to keep the project on track. Project Milestone Reports show you

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