By Caroline Smith and the Mind Tools Team

Managing Your Boss

Developing an Effective Working Relationship

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Developing a harmonious relationship with your boss will benefit both of your careers.

Not only does your boss manage the everyday things that you do, he or she is the gatekeeper to many of the things you want. He or she controls items as significant as work assignments, promotions, increases in compensation... and more.

Aside from this, bosses also have a great impact on your everyday satisfaction: things like how they speak to you and the rest of your colleagues; whether you have to make an appointment to talk to them; and how rapidly and in how much detail they respond to your requests for input. All have a huge influence on whether you feel you have a "good" boss or not.

Although your boss is, well, your boss, this doesn't mean that he or she is the only one who can determine the nature of how the two of you work together. Just as you need to find out how your boss likes to operate, you can also do a lot to show him or her how you like to operate. And a good boss will be able to adapt his or her way of working accordingly, so that you can achieve more together. After all, this is good for both of your careers.

Making the Relationship Work

Having said that, ...

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