Group Brainstorming

While those who like to retain complete control of the creative process may find group brainstorming frustrating, group brainstorming offers advantages that just aren't available when an individual faces the creative process on their own.


Benefits of Group Brainstorming

As a rule, people generally have creative boundaries that they stay within. Oftentimes, these boundaries are referred to as a "box" and when one begins to think "outside of the box" the creative process can really take off. Group brainstorming helps the members of the brainstorming team think outside of their boxes, opening creative doors for each member of the brainstorming team.


When brainstorming is conducted alone, a person only has only their sole knowledge and experience to rely upon. Creating a diverse brainstorming team allows for multiple founts of knowledge and experience for the group brainstorming team to draw from. Group brainstorming can also act as a team-building exercise by making sure all members of the team express their opinions and contribute their ideas.


Group brainstorming is about creativity, productivity and development. When there are a number of personalities and perspectives at work, the results of the brainstorming process can't help but be maximized.


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