Brainstorming Examples

By reviewing brainstorming examples and seeing how others use the brainstorming process to overcome obstacles and achieve goals, we can begin to comprehend how brainstorming can help fulfill our needs as well.


Group Brainstorming Examples

Oftentimes brainstorming is conducted as a group, with multiple individuals contributing their knowledge and experience to the brainstorming process. Below are some brainstorming examples that show how group brainstorming can benefit individuals and organizations.

  • A company may need to cut costs in order to meet budgetary requirements. The department heads may meet to brainstorm on how to reduce expenses without sacrificing resources.
  • A company has an idea for a new product, but they aren't exactly sure how to market the product to the public. Members of the marketing team may brainstorm innovative marketing ideas that will ensure the product's success.
  • A family member may be in financial crisis. Members of the family may brainstorm to develop a solution for the family member in trouble.

Individual Brainstorming Examples

Individual brainstorming can also be a very valuable exercise. There are a number of reasons why a person would brainstorm on an individual basis. These are just a few individual brainstorming examples.

  • A professional businesswomen in her thirties wants to change her career. She doesn't know exactly what she wants to do, but she knows she isn't happy in her current line of work. She conducts an intense brainstorming session to determine which fields she should pursue.


  • A son wants to get a very special gift for his parents' fiftieth anniversary, but he's not sure what to get them. He brainstorms different gift ideas to find a gift that will show his parents just how much he appreciates them.


  • A department employee is being considered for a promotion and he wants to prove that he's the best man for the job. He brainstorms different ways to demonstrate his leadership skill, his value to the company and his management potential.

The above brainstorming examples shed light on how brainstorming can help individuals in both their personal and professional endeavors. While these brainstorming examples clearly indicate how brainstorming can be of benefit in various situations, it is important to remember that brainstorming can be applied to hundreds of other situations not included in the above brainstorming examples.


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