Why Develop Yourself?

Why you need to take charge
of your own career development...

As an experienced professional, you know that the reliable way to get ahead in your career is to perform excellently, and to beat all performance expectations. To do this you need to work hard, develop your skills, and show wisdom and good leadership.

Hard work is up to you. However you can learn the rest: you can deliver exceptional performance if you build the right leadership, personal effectiveness and people skills; and get the right training and coaching. But it's not just performance that matters here: these same skills help you grow as a capable, well-balanced, happy person.

The problem is that employers aren't investing in long-term skills development, particularly in the current economic climate.

According to the American Society for Training and Development*, the average working person in the US receives five days training each year. (We believe this is true around the World, not just in the US.) More than three quarters of this is functional and short-term: teaching people to use IT systems, company processes, industry-specific skills, and so on.

One Day

This means that the average working person receives only one day's training each year focused on the essential skills that make a real, long-term difference for a successful career: leadership, team management, problem solving, decision making, project and change management, personal effectiveness, communication skills, and more.

So when was the last time you got really good training in these areas?

More than this, when was the last time you got the really close and valuable coaching, mentoring and guidance that everyone needs (and is supposed to get) from their boss if they're to make the most of their careers? Is this why getting ahead can seem so difficult?

So, if you're not getting this from your company, what are you going to do to take control?

Here's the Positive Way For You to
Take Charge of Your Life and Career


The Club is Mind Tools members-only area, where insiders get training, coaching and support they need to get ahead in their careers and make personal growth a constant and ongoing part of their lives.

Within it, you can quickly learn more than individual skills, download more than focused training packs, listen to more than 180 career- and skills-training audios, and more, all focused on helping you get the very most from your career.

With these resources, you can take control, develop yourself, and take charge of your own life and career.

The pages below help you find out more about the Club. Read on to learn more, click here to join, or click here to take our Club tour.

*ASTD State of the Industry Report 2008.

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What Members Say...

"I can tell you that the home page for the CEC is also the home page on my browser. Each time I look, there is something I can't wait to sink my teeth into. In particular there are always short, easily digested, and helpful articles that I like to download, print and read over lunch or during morning or afternoon tea. I am always challenged to think about my personal and professional development and ways that I might improve with the information I find on the CEC. Congratulations to you and your team on the success of the club!"

Shane Hawkinson,
Tasmania, Australia

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