Who Benefits from the Club?

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The Club gives members access to the full Mind Tools tool and resource set. As such, people who benefit are:

  • Managers who want to get ahead. With the Club, managers learn skills and techniques normally taught only on executive development programs, including powerful analytical and strategy tools, team development strategies, techniques that you can use to get the very best out of team members, and many more career-accelerating skills.
  • Ambitious Professionals. Among the many skills you'll learn are the ones that help you balance your workload, win respect, and manage other people effectively. You'll learn how to plan your career, and handle the career and role transitions that can cause so much pain and career failure. You'll build the confidence that comes with successful career development. And you'll get the coaching and support you need to make a real success of your career.
  • Younger Professionals who need quick and effective help early in their careers. You'll learn the serious skills and techniques that will help you focus your career, and excel in a fast-paced business world.
  • US$1
  • Career Development Professionals who want to build their knowledge of the technical aspects of career- and self-development. You'll learn new and useful tools and techniques that you can use with your clients, and expand the toolkit you need for successful practice.

Thousands of people around the world are already benefiting from the Club. You can find out about some of them in the case studies on the next page.

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What Members Say...

"In my opinion the Club is a tremendous networking system that enables one to consider many credible points of view on a host of various subjects. It is a prime example of collaborative thinking at its best. I have always considered Mind Tools as my own personal mentor, Club is a big bonus."

Heather Nates, Ontario, Canada

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