What Does the Club Give Me?

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Within moments of signing up, you can be using these tools:

  1. The Mind Tools Full Toolkit: Get full access to more than tools in the members' area of the Mind Tools site. With them, become a great manager and leader. Learn how to spot and take opportunities. Communicate better, become more effective, and be more successful. Tour >>
  2. Career Café: Got a problem at work? In the Career Café discussion forum, you can get help from experts and fellow members, solving problems like dealing with a difficult boss, improving team work, making a difficult job move, or unblocking your career. Tour >>
  3. Coaching Clinic: Join 80 coach-lead discussions on personal development, hosted on our discussion boards. Learn how to deal with stress, develop self-belief, motivate yourself, set goals that work, steer your career in the direction you want, and much more. Tour >>
  4. Bite-Sized Training: Build your capabilities with more than one-hour courses on topics including presentation skills, public speaking, decision making, leadership, time management, management, communication skills and people skills. Tour >>
  5. Expert Interviews: Get powerful insights into the latest thinking with more than MP3/Podcast/PDF interviews with the people who are shaping the way the business world thinks. Learn while commuting, in the gym, or wherever you are. Demo >> . Tour >>
  6. Book Insights: With more than MP3/Podcast/PDF executive book insights, stay up-to-date with the concepts that make the business world tick. Listen wherever you are and whenever you want. Demo >> .) Tour >>
  7. US$1
  8. Learning Streams: These help to guide you through these resources by identifying key articles in broad areas including "Handling Politics" and "Get Productive".
  9. The Mind Tools Certified Effective Time Manager Course: Learn advanced time management skills with this in-depth, eight-session, workbook-based course with online tutor support.

There's a lot here, but don't worry! We take care to deliver this in a steady flow of easy-to-manage chunks that you can learn from quickly and easily, and dip into and out of as it suits you. This is training that's designed to be consumed quickly, at a time and in a place that suits you.

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What Members Say...

"I have recommended the Club to many people. I tell them just to go to the website and check it out.

I have almost completed the leadership programme. It has shown me where I need to grow, and given me lots of inspiration. This is my favourite website ever!!!! "

Julie Toby,
Queensland, Australia

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