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Pamela Aitcheson

Pamela Aitcheson, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I know that I can always go straight to Mind Tools and get an answer."

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Samer Sammour

Samer Sammour, Dubai

"My productivity contributes to the company's productivity and I would attribute my productivity, a lot of it, to Mind Tools."

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Judy Callinan

Judy Callinan, Australia

"By using Mind Tools I can access a lot of professional development often and whenever it suits me."

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Riz Tabley

Riz Tabley, Australia

"It's one of the best ways you can spend your money on yourself."

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Gail Rogers

Gail Rogers, Texas, USA

"You start in one place, build a skill in another place, and suddenly you're more effective overall."

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Kristen Mahoney

Kristen Mahoney, Iowa, USA

"It gives you great advice on how to handle pretty much every situation."

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What Members Say...

"Team work has been my main focus and at times I have found the support from the club invaluable in particular the sharing of tools and reading about others experiences. I don't need to 'reinvent the wheel' as there is plenty of information out there for me to find the solutions I need. Thank you so much for sharing them with me."

Andrew Duncan

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