Pat Degen

Pat Degen

Location: Houston, USA

Job: Research nurse at a leading cancer research center

Club Member Since: 2006

Favourite Feature: Goal setting tools

Pat Degen is a career nurse with a difference. She recently went back to school to complete a master's degree in business, with the aim of accessing fresh opportunities. Like many people, she needed a bit of help getting used to this brave new world. That's when she turned to Mind Tools.

"I needed some motivation and I needed organizational tools to help me, as I was new to the business world. Mind Tools grounded me with many of its tools, like how to get organized, mentoring and all sorts of other things that were new to me. That made me feel a lot more confident," she remembers.

Pat first came to Mind Tools as a browser, but she soon joined up to the club when she realized the benefits that came with membership.

"I just up and joined when I saw that you get all those booklets and all those different tools as part of your membership," she says. "That's what inspired me to become a member. I was downloading so much stuff from the site, I figured I might as well just pay the membership and get those tools with it."

Having always considered herself to lack focus, Pat was keen to try the goal setting tools available on Mind Tools. It wasn't long before she began to see the benefits.

"What I find most useful are the tools that help you to stay focused on goal attainment – reaching goals in specific areas. I think that's where I've had the most success. It's also good to show others how important it is to have some focus, so that you see some goal attainment," she says.

Pat even credits the Club for helping her get a promotion at work. She believes that without the goal setting tools, she would not be where she is today.

"When I started using Mind Tools, I was not in a supervisory position. Now I am. Along with that came a 12% increase in salary. The club has really helped me because of the goals that I managed to achieve. I pushed myself and reached out, and I actually got a promotion. A lot of what I've learned with Mind Tools has directly impacted that."

So a better job, more money – what else could go right? How about having a better time at work?

"My productivity is much better and I think that I enjoy my job a lot more," Pat reports. "My present boss sees that I'm a lot happier. As I walk around the institution, I've had people say, 'Wow, I can tell you really love your job. You look really happy.' I've even had people say, 'Can we come and work for you?' I know that within the last year and a half there's been a positive change in my attitude and my feeling about work."


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"When I started using Mind Tools, I was not in a supervisory position. Now I am."

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