Pamela Aitcheson

Pamela Aitcheson

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Job: Senior Change Analyst in a multinational company

Club Member Since: 2006

Favourite Feature: Newsletter

Pamela Aitcheson is a long-time member of the Mind Tools Club. In fact, she's such a veteran that she doesn't remember how she first heard about it or even when she joined. But she does remember why it appealed to her.

"I'm interested in personal development and I'm always keen to improve myself. So I'll get involved in anything that helps me to do that," she says. "What I hoped to gain from the Club was a connection to a wider community. I'm involved in networking organizations in the UK, and I've found that beneficial, and it's equally beneficial being involved in a global network like Mind Tools."

Having joined the club with the hope of developing new skills and tapping into a global network, how has it lived up to her expectations?

"It's certainly met my expectations in that it's available for me to search for information that I need on a specific topic," Pam confirms. "For instance I'm about to go back into people management after quite a long gap and things have changed: thinking has changed, management processes and procedures have changed. So it's very interesting to go in and see what other people are doing and what best practice is out there."

Over the course of her membership, Pam has found the club a consistently reliable source of development resources. So much so, in fact, that she believes her membership has benefited her company as well as her. "I've learnt a lot from the Mind Tools website, from all the different articles. My company's benefited because I haven't had to go on training courses for them or spend a lot of time searching the Internet. I know that I can always go straight to Mind Tools and get an answer," she says.

Among the variety of resources the club offers, from the Bite-Sized Training to the Career Café, Pam finds the regular newsletters the most useful for her – a friendly reminder of what she'll find when she next logs on to the club.

"I really find the newsletter the most useful part because, number one, it's a prompt to go in and look at the site if I've been busy and I haven't been in recently. Number two, it highlights the new articles that are up there. There always seems to be at least one thing on the newsletter that's relevant to me at the time," she affirms. Given her long membership, it's hardly surprising that she recommends the club to colleagues and friends. "When I'm sending on the link to people, I tell them that I have personally got a lot of information from it. I say I use it as a resource and that they might also benefit from using Mind Tools as a resource," Pam says. "I always say to people, 'Just have a look and see if there's anything on there that interests you'."

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"I know that I can always go straight to Mind Tools and get an answer."

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