Louise Heather

Louise Heather

Location: London, UK

Job: Manager of a small team in a specialty chemicals company

Club Member Since: 2007

Favourite Feature: Career Café

For Louise Heather, the Mind Tools Club is all about support – the kind you can't always find in your work place.

"Whenever you speak to someone internally, an off-the-record conversation is actually on the record. Whereas with Mind Tools, you've got this community support and everything is off the record," she observes.

It was her search for support that first took her into the Club.

"I was looking to gain support at a time when I was struggling to get that internally, in the business I work in," Louise recalls. "One of things I like best about the club is having somebody to talk to – somebody who is there at any time, which is always difficult in a work environment. Because it's a web group and there are people available all the time, in all time zones, there's always someone there that you can talk to."

Although she appreciates the club's other features, particularly the workbooks and the Bite Sized Training, it's the Career Café that she enjoys best.

"I've found that I use the Career Café the most and that's a fantastic bonus," says Louise. "It has more than fulfilled my expectations. There's obviously a core group of people whose names you see regularly in the Career Café. You get to know a little about those people because you're corresponding with them regularly and that makes you feel like you belong. Then new people join and you get to hear their perspectives. It's just such a variety of different people's views on life."

Before she had experienced the benefits of the club, Louise did have a few concerns about becoming a member.

"I did have some doubts about joining and the value I would get from the Mind Tools community. It seemed like an awful lot of money," she admits. "But having started to use the community I've found it incredibly supportive and well worthwhile."

Would she recommend the club to friends? There's no question about that.

"I would recommend Mind Tools as being your personal support community," she says. "It's somewhere you can go and talk in complete confidence, where you can get the help and support you need in any situation – it can be work or it can be personal. It is just the most incredible network of people who are there for you, and you for them."


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"There's always someone there you can talk to."

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