Kurt Gielen

Kurt Gielen

Location: Paal, Belgium

Job: Business manager, large biotechnology company

Club Member Since: 2007

Favourite Feature: Resources on demand

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Kurt Gielen believes that personal development is essential in today's global economy. That's what first drew him to the Club.

"I joined the club because, in the current day and age, I think we need to keep growing and we need to keep learning," he says. "On Mind Tools, there's so much information available, which you can easily access to study yourself."

Because of his busy job, Kurt can't always plan his time in the club. He appreciates the accessibility of the tools and resources, which can be used at any time, giving members complete control of what's on offer.

"Most useful for me is the fact that you personally control where, how and how much you use it. Sometimes you get so busy in your day-to-day job that you don't have time to go back to the club. Then, when you do have some down time, it's always there – it's always accessible," he notes. "You can start resources when it's appropriate for you to do so. For me, that's the biggest benefit of the club."

Kurt also appreciates the interactive quality of the Career CafĂ© forums, where members exchange ideas, concerns and advice. "Another nice feature of the club is that you can share your experiences with others – either if you've got questions yourself or by helping other people who have specific questions that you can help with," he says. "I've posted several questions in the last few months and I've always got useful feedback. The interesting thing is that when you post a question or a request on the club forums, you get input from different people with different perspectives. You always see nice conversations starting from that mix."

It's clear to Kurt that the club's forums and wealth of other resources have helped him develop key skills and improve his performance at work.

"I'm confident that my boss and my peers have seen an improvement in my work, and it's partly because of Mind Tools," he confirms. "When I have my annual and quarterly reviews with my manager, I'm told that I come across as someone who's always willing to learn more and always developing new skills. So even if they don't realize it, my colleagues do see the result and impact of what I have learned from Mind Tools."


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"You personally control where, how and how much you use it."

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