Boosting Skills Across Your Organization

Mind Tools Corporate makes it simple to give your people the practical skills they need
to be inspiring leaders, effective managers, and exceptional contributors in the workplace.

  • Sarah – The Senior Executive

    Sarah has recently been promoted to regional head of operations. She uses Mind Tools' strategy and leadership resources to help structure her planning and take her division forward. And she adds relevant articles to her Personal Learning Plan, which she works through when she's travelling.

    Sarah - the senior executive
  • Carmen – The Learner

    Carmen likes to explore the learning streams in the Mind Tools Toolkit, plus, she browses 3 - 4 tools every week, selected from the newsletter. Carmen uses Mind Tools quizzes to identify her key skills needs, and also visits Mind Tools for just-in-time training, such as how to prepare for an important presentation.

    Heather - the learner
  • Keith – The Promotion Candidate

    Ambitious Keith has a new role in his sights and wants to make sure he has the right skills for the job. He logs in to the Mind Tools Club and follows the key skills identified on his organization's page. He also gets specific advice from the forums, and spends time exploring Career Management tools.

    Keith - the promotion candidate
  • Janice – The Line Manager

    Janice has just started managing a department and has many new responsibilities. She uses Mind Tools to improve her management and leadership skills. Janice finds each tool really useful because she can apply the techniques right away in her role. She also shares her favorite tools with her people!

    Janice - the line manager
  • Michael – The LMS Manager

    Michael runs his organization's learning management system. He used to have trouble finding fresh, expert content. Luckily, with Mind Tools, he gets new content every business day on top of 1,400+ existing resources. Michael uses Mind Tools Connect to bring all of this expert training material easily into his LMS.

    Michael - the LMS manager

What our clients think

“I can't thank Mind Tools enough for all the pertinent information you give me in my field. I look forward to each of my newsletters and membership in the Mind Tools Club is one of the best investments I have ever made!”

Vena Genuchi Alesio, Ph.D.
Lincoln, Nebraska, USA