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Since 1996, Mind Tools has offered practical online training to individuals keen to excel in the workplace.

Today, we're one of the Web's most comprehensive business training resources, with more than 21,000,000 people using our site each year.

Through our corporate services, we deliver leadership, team and personal development training to businesses, government agencies and nonprofits worldwide.

Our customers range in size from small teams to 10,000+ people.

It's quick, easy and cost-effective to deploy Mind Tools in your organization. You'll soon see significant improvements in your organization's leadership and team-working skills, and in your people's overall effectiveness.

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The Mind Tools Team

The Mind Tools Team

The Mind Tools team brings together experienced businesspeople, subject matter experts, coaches, writers, editors and journalists based on four continents.

Our founder, James Manktelow, is the author of seven books on leadership and better management. James has carried his commitment to clarity, quality, accessibility and team excellence through to every aspect of the Mind Tools experience.

With many years working in corporate environments, our core team members fully understand the pressures on Learning and Development and HR departments. That's why we work so hard to help you engage your people and deliver a lasting positive impact with your training budget.


A Few of Our Corporate Customers

Mind Tools Corporate serves corporate clients and government agencies worldwide. Here are some of them.

Corporate Customers

The Training Content

Our tools equip your people with better leadership, teamworking, decision-making, communication and productivity skills. Content is offered in a mix of formats, from audio downloads to compressed modules. Mind Tools works well for:

Managers looking to develop more effective leadership and team management skills.

Team members keen to improve their all round capabilities and confidence.

Employees seeking "just in time" training for tasks such as making a presentation.

Graduates fresh to the world of business and in need of career skills training.

New recruits who need to be brought up to speed in key skill areas.

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We firmly believe that investing in the skills of your workforce is investing in the success of your organization. To find out how how Mind Tools can work for you, please get in touch.