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The Mind Tools Club is our members’ area. Inside it, you’ll find hundreds of skill-building articles, downloadable training packs, forums staffed by Mind Tools coaches, audio interviews, templates and much more, giving you the skills and training you need to move your career forward.

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These are the career-boosting resources you'll learn about on this tour of the club:

  • More than skill-building articles, explaining key career skills simply and accessibly. Learn management, clear communication, project management, problem solving and decision making, personal productivity, and more.
  • More than downloadable training packs, helping you develop career-enhancing skills in focused one-hour sessions.
  • More than audio interviews with world experts in key career skills areas, helping you navigate key career issues successfully, and with seemingly effortless ease.
  • Regular coaching, helping you deal with key career issues, increase your motivation, and build the mindset needed for lasting success.
  • More than audio book reviews of recent career and management books, helping you keep on top of the ideas that make the business world tick.
  • Our vibrant forum, in which you can get your individual, specific questions answered by other experienced members and the Mind Tools team.

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What Members Say About the Club

  • I can tell you that the home page for the Club is also the home page on my browser. Each time I look, there is something I can't wait to sink my teeth into. In particular there are always short, easily digested, and helpful articles that I like to download, print and read over lunch or during morning or afternoon tea. I am always challenged to think about my personal and professional development and ways that I might improve with the information I find on the Club. Congratulations to you and your team on the success of the Club!
  • Shane Hawkinson,
    Tasmania, Australia

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