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Expert Interviews and Book Insights

Expert Interviews:

The Club's Expert Interviews are in-depth interviews with world experts in key skills areas. Approximately 30-minutes long, you can listen to these interviews on your PC or iPod/MP3 player, or you can download transcripts in PDF format.

Recent interviews include:

Managing Your Email Before It Manages You, with Mike Song

Here we talk to Mike Song, one of the authors of "The Hamster Revolution". Hear how we don't need to be helpless in the face of more and more messages, and learn some the low-tech but high-impact solutions that you can start using TODAY!


Ten Make or Break Career Moments,
with Casey Hawley

Communications expert Casey Hawley shares her views on what to say when. She takes us through 10 make or break career moments, offering advice on how to navigate the situation, from accepting a new role to meeting your new team.


Coaching with the Brain in Mind,
with David Rock

How can neuroscience help you coach better? Leading coach of coaches David Rock explains some facts about the brain that can improve your ability to facilitate change successfully, whether you're a manager coaching your team members or a professional coach.


Eight Things We Hate About IT,
with Susan Cramm

Why do business leaders and IT leaders seem to live in different worlds? Susan Cramm shares her views on why that disconnect is so common in organizations, and how it can be overcome.


Winning Body Language,
with Mark Bowden

Body language expert and communication coach Mark Bowden tells us how we can use our body language, and other non-verbal cues, to communicate more effectively at work, and gain people's trust.


Strategic Speed – How to Accelerate Execution,
with Jocelyn Davies

Find out how the right kind of speed can help your business do better, faster. Jocelyn Davis outlines the components of what she calls "strategic speed," including how to motivate people to speed up success.


Remember that these are only a few of the interviews within the Mind Tools Club . You'll find more than inside!

Book Insights

Our Book Insights are detailed reviews of new and classic management, career development and self-development books. Using them, you can keep yourself up-to-date with the latest ideas and thinking, and find out about ideas that you want to explore in more depth.

Reviewed by Mind Tools' expert reviewers, you can download them either in MP3 format that you can listen to on your PC or iPod, or read a transcripts.

Recent Insights include:

Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose, by Tony Hsieh

This book, by Zappos CEO Tony Hseih, looks at how promoting happiness within your organization can produce passion and engagement – from employees, and from customers. Find out more about it in our Book Insight.


No More Excuses: The Five Accountabilities for Personal and Organizational Growth, by Sam Silverstein

This book looks at how you can become more successful by being more accountable for your actions. Find out more about it in this Book Insight.


Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard, by Chip Heath and Dan Heath

If you've ever tried to make a significant change, then you know how hard it can be to start doing things differently. "Switch" shows you how to use your mind to make change easier – at work, and at home. Find out more about it in this Book Insight.


Disaster Proof Your Career: Tactics to Survive, Thrive and Keep Ahead in the Workplace, by Patrick Forsyth

"Disaster Proof Your Career" is a practical book that explores how to manage your career path to stay ahead in the workplace. Learn more about it with our Book Insight.


One Page Talent Management: Eliminating Complexity, Adding Value, by Marc Effron and Miriam Ort

This book looks at how to create a talent management plan that's simple and easy to use. Learn more about it in our Book Insight.


Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity, by David Allen

This classic book can help you to prioritize tasks and projects more effectively, and make you more productive. Find out more about it in this Book Insight.


The First 90 Days: Critical Success Strategies for New Leaders at All Levels, by Michael Watkins

It typically takes a new leader three to six months to start adding value to an organization. "The First 90 Days" shows you how to hit the ground running as a new leader. Find out more about it in our Book Insight.


The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs: How to Be Insanely Great In Front of Any Audience, by Carmine Gallo

Steve Jobs, the co-founder and CEO of Apple, is renowned as one of the best presenters in the world. This book explains what he does that grips audiences time and time again. Find out more about it in this Book Insight.

There are more than Book Insights inside the club, and they're all available the moment you join. Click PLAY to hear excerpts from some of them.

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